06 August 2008

CA here we come

right back where we started from...

Hi Gang,

Tomorrow is the day we return home from our week long adventure to Oklahoma to visit with Donna and her family and Holly and hers. It is so beautiful here, very different from CA and very HOT. Apparently this week was breaking all kinds of heat records.. figures. At least it wasn't so humid. The kids stayed up late most nights and ventured out to play in the evenings when they could run around and not pass out of heat exhaustion.
I have been VERY bad at taking pictures and the three of us have been so lame and busy talking, sharing and visiting that we failed to get any pictures of the three of us together that Donna will let us share. Shown is proof that Holly & I did in fact meet and to my left is Donna's shoulder. I haven't got internet access out here so I am having to use images stolen from Donna. The pictures that I did take are largely of random weird things like kittens (they have 4), 5 year olds (there are 2) and Donna's wallpaper (she has lots) . I will be sure to share what I do have and what I have picked up in our shopping excurions when I get home and unpacked. I was not very good about "buying light" and picked up some bulky things. I was fretting about how to get them home but we put out heads together and managed to get most of it packed up to carry home with one box to be picked up by Fed Ex + my tube of wallpaper from Holly & Donna to be mailed, just because it was unwieldy. Donna has been so generous sharing her wallpapers and old ephemera. Her collection is simply unbelievable. I brought gifts that I feel pale in comparison to hers so I did soem comp work for her while I was here and designed a handful of labels for her as well as an enclosure for her orders which will be professionally printed on card stock when I return home.
Speaking of Donna's generosity and amazing stash.. I finally was able to weedle her into letting me assemble a "Heather's Picks" collection of wallpapers. I chose 12 papers and gave Donna a fit by mixing flocked and non flocked papers. I gave her even MORE of a fit when she saw that one of the papers is amongst her (and my) most coveted. There are only 4 packs and several of the papers and retired from her sale pile and in her permanent hoard stash. They measure approx 8 x 10" depending on wide the roll was and my lame wallpaper cutting skills. I imagine they will appear in her Etsy shop in the next day or so, so keep your eyes peeled because there will be NO MORE of some of these papers. Once we get pix uploaded I will update this post with sneak peeks.
More on my trip, once I get home. Hope everyone is well. I am really going to miss Donna and her family but it sure will be nice to sleep in my owen bed tomorrow and Hannah is MORE than ready to see Daddy.


  1. This is an absolutely HORRID picture of me! ha ha... I look windblown, stringy haired, and exhausted (I was!) but you look fresh-faced and dewy! I had so very much fun with you, Heather. I'm so sad to see you go, but I know you'll love to be home again. Your visit was a delight and I enjoyed it so much. It was so lovely to meet you finally. xoxo

  2. Sounds like fun! How wonderful to be able to meet two friends!

  3. Karin@creativechaos8/7/08, 9:57 AM

    What a great picture of you two....and the shoulder. Donna kills me...

  4. Sounds like you had a perfect trip! All that stash must have been overwhelming (in a good way). We await more pics and stories!

  5. How wonderful for you three to meet! I can only IMAGINE the wallpaper. *sigh*

  6. Sounds like you had FUN! :) Wheee!!

  7. I'll throw my hat in thering for any giveaway. I am trying to attain a wallpaper stash. I will go to your etsy next...

    dsbinyon(at) cox dot net

  8. It sounds like such a nice visit! I had a trip out East and got to meet some blog friends, and we had a wonderful time too. It seems like we all know so much about each other before we even get together!
    I'm glad you had fun and jealous of you getting to dig through the wallpaper stashes!