12 July 2008

art work galore

I have been super busy juggling many projects while trying to continue on with my purging and reorganizing. Yesterday I got a bug and rearranged some furniture but I like it much better this way and I have a space to put all the little clutter that tended to gather between our recliners.

Above is the super cute banner I got to make for Kristin. I loved working with her, she basically said, aqua, yellow, red, polka dots and vintage kids and let me do whatever I wanted. I love that kind of loose guidelines and think my best work comes out when allowed a but of leeway. Kristin said she screamed when she saw it, which makes me happy. It is now installed in her blog and a matching one on her Etsy. Next up is some fun polka dotted business cards to match.

Its been kind of cool to have clients that want more collateral to go with the blog and Etsy banners I make. Natasha originally asked me to design a new blog banner/ logo for her and then ran out of cards and return address labels so we did those too. She is going to have a whole set of yummy matching goodies once the new things arrive. I was so excited to design address labels for her that I made some for myself ( its been on my To Do list for a while) and then I made some Blythe themed ones for my BFF Sharon. I just get so exciting trying out a new product. I am trying to narrow my source for printed stickers and I have samples coming from one company but Jenn and I tracked down this company on Etsy to order her round seals. The company is called KittyCrossBones, maybe you have heard of her. The stickers she printed up for Jenn from my work turned out so cute and she was great to work with. Right now she is having 30% off for Saturday Night Special. Fun!

I guess all of this was kind of a long way around to saying that while redoing my website is on the back burner right now (because Brian and I are so busy) I am finally updating my portfolio. Its a tedious process so I do not really look forward to doing it but I have a new pool of work that I am very proud of so I want and need to get it done. I will post when I have it up.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


  1. Loving the new work you've been doing Heather! All the bits and pieces you've worked on for me have been beautiful, I'm loving the design more and more each time I look at it, you captured what I love so perfectly!
    Good luck with the portfolio updating... thanks for reminding me I need to do that too, ick! xo

  2. OOH, they all look great, Heather! You know I'm partial to those polka dots! xo-Mel

  3. On heather i just love the labels - the return address and the round seal - would you please put me on the wait list (as I know you have one)

    thanks cutie.


  4. So cute! Do you live near sharon?? I am only a half an hour from renton?? wow! Your stuff is really pretty!

  5. Come by and say hello and see me! I have posted some pics! Did something very new to me...eeekkk! Had some fun but thought I would give it a try!

  6. I know how busy you've been! *wink wink*
    You're so talented!
    Everyone wants a piece of Heather!

  7. It is always so amazing to me how you juggle so much and it all is beautiful and so perfect. I think you must thrive on busy girl because it just doesn't stifle any of your wonderful creativity. Those banners, stickers and labels are just adorable. I love red, aqua and polka dots!
    Can't wait to see more.....

  8. Love all this new work you are doing...your graphics are just gorgeous! The red polka dot one is soooo sweet.

    Hope your organizing is coming along good. xo Heather

  9. Man! You've been busy!!

  10. ohhh just love all your new designs!!! you rock !! and the lollishop looks like its going to be great !! can't wait til it comes out !!

  11. Love all the address labels! Soo sweet!

  12. Hey, you forgot the work you did for my shop!
    Or did you not want to mention that one?

  13. You are so flipping talented Heather!

  14. Heather!
    I LOOOOVE your work! Im so proud of you and your success! I could NOT be MORE thrilled with my blog banner and logo! BRAVO!!! Keep up the fabulous work and the CONGRATS on Lollishops! I absolutely love it!!!! XOXO, Jenn