19 March 2008


I am posting in between running around like a chicken with my head cut off. How is that for Easter imagery? All of the 12 days packages have been shipped out to all points in the US and Canada, it was a tough job but with my capable and ready helpers, Tamy, Donna & Shosh we did it and so far nothing has gone missing. (fingers crossed) I have been bad at posting gifts because I am BUSY and TIRED. You can see sneak peeks at all the groups here.

In addition to work stuff and swap stuff and journal stuff (see below) I have also been spending a lot of time at school recently. I am on the executive board at the pre-school and this week was one of our big fund raisers of which I am head cheese. We have been selling orchids for the last 2 weeks and today was the big distribution day. I spent from 8:15 til about 2 running around making sure everyone picked up their orders and then delivering some of my larger orders. The are beautiful. I hope I don't kill mine. I will try to get some pictures. Now I am on to our year end picnic and the silent auction and raffle, gotta round up lots of cool prizes.

Finally for today, I ams till on target for the 21 Day Journal Challenge. We only have 3 more days left (including today) I can't believe I did it! I am super proud of myself. There were a few days I flaked out but I came back and did it and even finished in the days I had skipped. Yay me. Don't forget to contact me if you are interested in joining my little journal group which will probably start next week...
Now here are my pages for the past few days...


  1. WOW you are super busy girl!! The journal pages are lovely too. Glad you make time for yourself to do those pages.

  2. Wow, you totally rock. Way to go with staying on track. I'm a few days behind, but will play catch up soon. LOVE your pages. Really lovely:)

  3. You are doing AWESOME! Keep up your good journaling 1-2 lines of feelings even if it's just a word or two is enough documentation to keep a habit and then journal longer as you wish...Okay so I say BREATH put your tongue at the top of your mouth breath thur your nose and slowly exhale thur your mouth...(this is a natural air conditioner for your brain) You can really finish this with crossing legs then crossing arms at wrist then hold your hands...then .......bend elbows and bring hands up to chest...these together are called a HOOK up....DEb Wilson's from Scool moves..in Redlands..Kinda near you......so not only this but Oprah Oprah with Ekart Tolle,..Flylady.net take 15 mins out for you!(she's free and cool)...Tony Robins,....Dr Andrew Weil...and Dr Oz, Dr Rozein..oh yes HealthyMOMMYHeathyCHild too....Just Breathe so I am going to stop and Breath..My angels are telling me and thanks to you I heard it....
    LOVE TO YOU and YOurs
    This Swap is wonderful You are wonderful NOw take a minute and fill yourself up with Gratitude start with you and your opportunits 1st..Tony Robins...I am thankful for my Breath and my heart beating My health my knowlede,kindness personality the opportunities I have the choices I have...and then to loved ones loved friends and what you are thankful about them for...15 minutes..
    Okay so here's the rambling of this artist mom..

  4. Great job on the journaling Heather! I still have to do today's page, but am feeling proud that we stuck with it until the end. Yay for us! I want to continue on with this journaling thing!

  5. Your journal pages are very excellent!!!!!!

    It is great that you are staying on track with it.....Kudos to you!!!!!!

  6. I thought chairing the yearbook was crazy!! you are one busy lady. I LOVE your journal pages....again, do you ever sleep

  7. Heather~
    Just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I am enjoying your journaling! Really, I am! And I'm trying to read all of your writings... they're awesome and inspiring to me.

    I love to journal, and I keep thinking I would love to do this project! It's so up my alley!

    One question: what kind of book did you use to alter? That's where I'm getting a little stuck... is it chipboard?

    Hugs and Happy Easter!


  8. I Absolutely LOVE the journal!!

    Slow down girl! And enjoy the holiday!

    Happy Easter!

    Hugs for a super mom!!