10 March 2008

The one about boxes and journal pages...

Yeah baby, guess what I spent today doing? Packing up this....
which is approximately 375 swap items to be sorted by color group for the Hippity Hop Easter Swap. The good news is that the pile above now looks like this thanks to a couple hours of work and the help of my trusty assistant Shosh without whom I probably would have a large bald spot on either side of my head.
I just need to add the last minute arrivals and haul them to the post office and they will be off to lots of happy little swappers throughout the country and Canada. These are some sweet girls AND I can say that this swap just blew me away because out of 56 swappers NOT ONE PERSON flaked, dropped or disappeared! This is nearly unheard of and I while I am not sure if it is because they are all so reliable and responsible (what I want to believe) or if I just scared everyone up front so they behaved. LOL regardless, this was a doozy of a swap to manage and I appreciate everyone's cooperation so much!!

On to journal pages. I am on day 10 of the 21 Day Challenge. I think we hit the "challenge" part over the weekend. I know I did. I got behind by tying myself up with the notion that I had to actually JOURNAL aka write every day. Then I realized, "well that's dumb, this is MY journal and I can do whatever I want." So I have now been allowing myself to write as little or as much as I want to each day. Day 6 over there has lots of journaling but today's entry has just a bit of stamping but lots of fun fabric.

I have posted all of my pages in a flickr album in case you are following along. If you are interested in working on your own art journal or starting one and need some prompts and support, let me know here. A couple of friends and I are thinking of starting a regular journal group to support each other and help push us out of our safe zones.


  1. WOWSERS! No doubt you have been REALLY busy girly! Again, thank you for hosting such an awesome swap! One of my firsts with you! Thank goodness for assistants! :)
    Your the best and your pages are great!

  2. What a huge job organising that swap. Congrats on a job well done. I am sure the particpants in your swap really appreciate it.
    Love the journal.

  3. yeah! i can't wait to see what we get in our countdown!
    thanks for hosting such a doozie of a swap.
    your journal pages are gorgeous!

  4. Huge project! You go girl:D

  5. LOVE your pages for the challenge. You are doing an amazing job. Doesn't it go fast?! Hope to have a catch up post with mine soon:)

  6. karin (creativechaos)3/11/08, 8:46 PM

    You scared us...... :)

    I LOVE LOVE your Journal pages!!! You so have me inspired to finally get my butt moving and start mine...Can not wait to get my package!!!!! Great work!!

  7. holy smokes on that swap! that's alot of stuff! Love the journals!

  8. Heather,
    WOW I'm so happy that you had such a successful swap with good swappers!! Doesn't it make it swap more fun!
    I love checking out your journal entries lately. I have started a small journal that fits into my purse. I really should adorn it with beauties rather than just my regular old handwriting. One day I did let Nathan scribble on a page.

  9. Love the fabric on Day 10's journal pages Heather. Oh Wow, what a sight all those boxes stacked up are! You are a honey for hosting this swap!!!

  10. Wow -- this is terrific. Three cheers to you for managing all that. I just started coming to your blog, so I don't know what this swap was, but I have to say it certainly looks major!

    And, your challenge pages are terrific.

    I really am enjoying your site and look forward to returning often!

  11. wow that is a lot of boxes...your journal pages are amazing. I love the colors.


  12. Love the journal pages...maybe a group would inspire me to try my hand at it again...and the boxes...WOW! Looks like was an awesome swap. Poor baby! That was a lot of work! : )

  13. RIGHT ON!!!! you survived!!!we all appreciate you and your crew very much! you inspire us so much on a daily basis with your love of art and always willing to share it! your creations boost me up when i feel like i am on empty in the idea dept....please keep it coming! put your feet up and rest! thanks again! ann-marie

  14. Wow - your journall is inspiring! I want to do one too, now that I have seen yours! :)