26 March 2008

ER 2, Mom 0

Ok, it is barely March and we have had to make our second trip for an emergency with the little. Almost as soon as we reached SF on Monday we were in Safeway picking up some deli items for a picnic by the Golden Gate, I was paying and I heard my aunt say something like "uh oh". I turned just in time to see Hannah falling and her head banging into the deli case. Next thing I knew she was standing up covered in blood. My reaction was so swift. My body felt like it wanted to evacuate EVERYTHING so immediately and I began shaking so bad I could hardly hold paper towels to her head.

Fortunately we were 6 blocks from a plan hospital and I took her to the urgent care center where they took her in right away. I think the fact that she is 4 and was covered with blood helped. She now has 4 stitches and a lovely bandage with a swollen purple eye. The good news is that the stitches are in the crease so she should not have much in the way of scarring. I will be watching it and applying scar cream to help her along. How bad would that suck to have a scar there? poor pretty girl.

I am so glad that kids are so resilient. After the initial shock and pain she was a real trooper and much calmer and more collected than I. I am so proud of her. She will have the stitches to show off at school and then we will get them out on Monday afternoon.
Now that we are home, it has all hit me again. I feel like I can finally let go since we are home with Daddy and I have a little buffer. I can't believe how exhausted those severe emotions can make you. I have so much to do and so little energy right now. I am going to focus on some billing tonight and also my journal thing. The picture above is my entry from the day of the "incident" and I want to finish up my "gypsy spread" which I will share when it is done. Hope everyone is having a nice week.


  1. Hey Heather~

    Oh, I feel for you! That is sooo hard seeing your little one in pain! We've had so many little boo boo's around here too!!

    Hope she is feeling better and you are too!


  2. Oh how scary Heather!! So glad she is ok now! Poor thing!
    When Trin was the same age I got a call at work (an hour away!!) that she had fallen out of my babysitters car and busted her chin open. I have never been so scared, at first I did not even understand it was a PARKED car!! That was the fastest I had ever driven that hour commute! I got to the ER just as they were taking my sweet girl to get her stiches. I can't tell you how freaked out I was to see her and my babysitter covered in blood, and Trin's poor chin was awful! She had to have 8 stiches in that little bitty chin, but handled it like a trooper. She has a little scar now, and 6 years later I remember it all like it was yesterday!
    Anyway, hang in there! So, so glad your sweetie is ok!!!
    Big hugs to you both!
    ~cerri xo

  3. OMG....I am glad it your daughter is ok. My how us mothers worry.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about her accident. I don't have kids, but I know I scared my mom a lot of times when I was little with the accidents I would have! I hope that you still managed to enjoy most of your time up here in our fair city. At least the weather was a little nicer than it is today!

  5. Hpoeing she is doing so much better!!! Wishing you a beautiful night....

  6. holly abston3/27/08, 8:41 PM

    Heather, I'm so glad she's OK. I can't imagine how scared you and she were! Poor girl. She's had a tough year! Thankfully, she'll be good as new soon.

  7. Thinking of you guys and hoping everything is going okay now. What a scare!

  8. Oh Heather it takes so much out of your when one of your babies is hurting.

  9. I know how hard all of that was for you.....

    with my daughter, no accidents but lots of surgeries.

    with my son...emergency room visits, stiches, the glue they use in hospitals were used to keep the ends of his fingers in tact after a firecracker went off in his hand, lots of skate boarding and bike falls....never ending !!

    I'm glad she's okay...and that you are too !!!!

  10. Too bad about the little one. Thanks goodness she is okay. Strange how quickly the little ones bounce back. Mom's loving care was surely the medicine she needed. I love visiting your blog.

  11. wow that is scary about your little girl! glad she is okay though! hugs! I love your blog. I get a laugh everytime I go down and see the "peep show" haha too cute!!


  12. Yikes, Heather. Those wounds around the eyes and forehead bleed so much. I almost fainted when our son needed stitches on his chin.
    Hope all has settled down.

    P.S. Clutter is my middle name. I didn't take Oprah's test, but my laundry room screams, "Throw some things away, will ya!!"

  13. I am so inspired by your new book spread!! Its beautiful Heather :) I wanna go create now!

  14. Oh Heather what a nasty fright that was for you & Hannah - nothing scares a Mother like their baby being hurt - I still remember when Stephen cut the back of his head open. I had never seen so much blood, he was 5 & is now going on 41 but the memory still puts chills up my spine. I'm guessing Little H is fine & dandy now ~ hugs E