04 March 2008

crowns and challenges

LOOK what was on my door step when I got home today! Lori of Vintage Flair sent me this darling crown as a little Thank You for her new blog design. My little cutie was actually willing to model it for me so you get double cuteness today. Lately we have been having a few rough days with our 4 year old so it was nice to have a little cooperation for once. Anyway, I think this crown is very fun and will be a fab addition to my new, "in progress" decor. Thank you Lori!!!

I have been doing well in the 21 Day Challenge so far but its been kind of hard for me to get them done, photographed and posted all on the same day so I will probably run a day or two behind in actually sharing my pages. I usually do not get to the actual journaling and doodling part until after the little's bedtime so its kind of late to shoot pictures. That said, here is my spread for day 3 which actually is more than a spread. It flowed over to another page and I decided to just let that spread section be a sort of inspiration catchall while I do the project and collect images of things I like. This one is pretty hard to read because of the patterned paper I used as the background but it talks mostly about finding inspiration and things I love as I work on redecorating our living room area in our home. I have been looking at lots of catalogs and magazines lately. Maybe too many.. LOL but I feel like I have a sort of direction and I am just taking it one step at a time. I am off to finish up today's journal pages. I will choose the recipients of my Pay It Forward ATCs this week so if you are interested, comment on the post below and I will contact you if I draw your name.


  1. How cute your little 'darling' looks in this crown.
    She sounds a bit like my grandaughter Chloe who has her 4th Birthday tomorrow.They have a mind of their own!!!LOL
    Your journal is looking great.

  2. Heather, I am glad it made it safely. Your daughter looks so sweet in it. Lori
    Ps. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work.

  3. Little H looks so cute in the crown Lori made! I will probably be a day behind on posting my journal pages too. Please enter my name in the hat for the pay-it-forward ATC drawing.

  4. She is soooo adorable! And your journals are beautiful. I am very envious!

  5. I would love an atc....do you have the Becky I love you ritual book...super good! helps with these times..which they fluctuate in and out of...
    let me know I may have an extra copy...
    That crown is LOVELY as always from Lori! You DD is lovely in it!!It accentuates her sweetness!

    QUestion for you is RHONNA doing little quotes and writing for this 21 day challenge like on her past ones? I can't find them....and her rub ons our sold out....she just needs to know she is UBER popular and make SCADS of RUB ons!!LOL

    Love to you and yours