28 February 2008

in need of INspriRation...

Hey All, I admit it, I have been hiding. I have felt so negative lately I just haven't wanted to spread it around. I am having difficulty focusing and have been feeling very anxious and sad. I hate feeling like this. I am tired of the fight to constantly stay "up". Logically in my head I realize that this is temporary and probably still effects of SAD but its hard and tiring.

To hopefully combat the way I have been feeling and to kick start some not so superficial journaling, I decided to participate in Rhonna Farrer's 21 Day Inspiration Challenge which begins March 1 at Two Peas in a Bucket. I have high hopes for sticking with 21 days of assignments and hope I can make some changes in my journaling habits (or lack thereof) and perhaps kick start my muse to want to do something when confronted with a pile full of art supplies. The cool thing about the challenge is that it is FREE.. all it requires is a blank journal and the commitment to do it. I'd LOVE for someone to join me, so if you are interested or already plan to participate please drop me a line and let me know so we can buddy up and keep it real.

Finally, I was really pissed off and bummed to find out some jackass had posted a comment which contained a virus on my blog. I am going to have to go back to comment verification for the time being. I hope I can take it off soon but this kind of stuff has been happening too much lately.


  1. cr@p- sorry about the virus! Lordy, hope it wasn't me! I still think you need to go to Mexico or somewhere and bake in the sun for about 5 days! That ought to keep you going until spring!! - hugs- Lee

  2. I love your site and your blog! I will be back often!

  3. oh, Heather, i am so sorry you got bugged - what a drag - and definitely not something you needed! my husband suffers from SAD,so i know how hard it is. you wouldn't know your struggles from the lovely art you create. i was just at your etsy shoppe today and felt so inspired by all your great stuff. hold tight, spring is just around the corner!
    sending you hugs from NJ,
    xoxo kEcIa

  4. OMG! I am feeling the exact same way for no real reason. I keep telling myself to "snap out of it" and stay positive but I'm just feeling sad and pissed a lot. Is it hormones? I'm trying to finish a poster entry for the Garlic Festival (due tomorrow) and I keep wanting to just give up and throw it away, but I won't let myself. I'm turning it in tomorrow no matter how much I end up hating it! Hang in there sweetie!

  5. Feeling the same. I just go home change and stare at the computer or tv and go to bed around 9:ish. I think it is partly this crudy weather. Then the virus argh... Good Luck Hugz Grace

  6. Your making me realize I should go back to comment verification for a while as well. There have been some strange comments coming through lately. Have you tried looking at what you are eating? A family member has had a recent struggle with this and has started seeing a nutritionist - turns out she was really missing a lot of vit and minerals and with some simple adjustments she has been feeling a lot better.

  7. Hey...I wanna be your buddy!!! Rhonna's first 21 days I did way back when is still my fave journal to date. I also heard from Rhonna about her new challenge and I'm in!!! I'm going to blog about it today:) Let's do this together!

  8. Sorry to hear about the virus. What a bummer! I am going to put comment verification back on my blog right away.

    Can't wait to get started on Rhonna's 21 day challenge!

  9. I love this idea! I know what it is like to deal with the lack of light and some days are easier to deal with than others. If you feel like playing I would like to "tag" you so we can all learn 6 FuN things about you! Stop by my blog to see what I wrote and the rules of the game! Spring won't be long, girl!

  10. I have been feeling the same way, and everytime it begins to thaw, we get another 3-6 inches of snow dumped on us :( Spring Fever will be brilliant, what a cool concept about the 21 days, I have to check it out. Hugs!

  11. Sorry you've been feeing bad. My mom calls it "mired in JanuFeb," that seasonal blah feeling. Hope you get some sunshine and happy feelings very soon!

    I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before, but I've been enjoying it for a couple months now. Thanks for the heads-up on the 2 Peas challenge--I'm there every day but I seldom venture off the NSBR board!

  12. Its definitely that time of year when a lot of people struggle with depression and a lack of motivation.. I struggle with the lack of sunshine too. I had the flu the last couple weeks and that sent me down in the dumps a bit too. I found myself focusing on every negative thing about my house! boy can that make a woman miserable! (and then her husband! Ha!!!) Anyways darling.. Spring in only 19 days off.. I know it doesnt really always feel like spring right away.. but thats how close its coming.. then we just need to get through the muddy stage.. and tada!! "grey skies are gonna clear up.." and with it the cobwebs in our minds! Cheerful bright flowerful days are on the horizon I tell ya... I'm waiting too!! smile smile smile!!

  13. Amanda Willey3/6/08, 7:34 AM

    I hear ya on the inspiration! Been looking for some myself.

    I had no idea that viruses could be transmitted via comments. That really stinks! I hope everything worked out ok.