18 January 2008

Good Stuff...

I received my first book in the Vintage Valentine Round Robin earlier this week. It was a day when I had been moping around with no focus and as soon as our mail carrier handed me the package from Marilyn I opened it and got right to work. I love it when the muse cooperates and things just flow. I did this page first and everything fell together just right. The theme of Marilyn's book is CUPID and I happened to have this ATC is progress on my desk so I just kept going.

The other day I did my second panel in the book which was this fun bit with a cute cupid growing his patch of hearts. I had such fun working in this book and eagerly awaited the next book which arrived today. I started my layout but had to stop and let things dry so it is not finished yet. I also spent some time this morning working on choosing goodies for my partner Jeanne in ArtsyMama's Heart Swap. FUN!

Anyway, on to the post of my blog. This is something I have been wanting to do for a little while but I am finally getting around to doing it. Each Friday ( I hope, maybe Saturdays) I plan to share some GOOD STUFF, which are some of the things I find that I love.. especially from indie artists. Do without further ado....

My first pick (there are so many in my file) is something I just found today. I was visiting Emily's Blog (Inside A Black Apple) and was delighted to find her new stationary sets and postcards. I like all her designs but especially her whimsical "Hello" birdcages... Aren't they just the cutest?? You can see this design and all of her others as well as paintings, dolls and more in her Etsy shop.

Finally and not least.. there is still time to enter my give away. Just check out the post below! Have a great weekend.


  1. Your Valentine pages are so great!!!!! I just came across some of your work in the latest Somerset Gallery too!! I said, "Hey, I know her!!!"

    I love Inside the Black Apple too!!!

    Hope you have a very good weekend!

  2. Hi Heather, your book pages look darling:) i have been wanting for a while to do spot~lights on etsy artists but somehow never got around to it...i am glad you are doing this...i love Inside a Black Apple:)

  3. your val round robins are so awesome!
    i just ordered some of emily's new cards.
    to cute!

  4. Emily is a great pick! I just ordered her sugar girl print this week. I love your round robin work - esp. that darling cupid growing his hearts!

  5. The Valentine pages are so lovely.

  6. I love your blog Heather! I just wandered over from the flickr valentine books group... your etsy stuff is wonderful too!
    Amanda Elton

  7. What a fun round robin! Looking forward to viewing your 'Fun Stuff'! Black Apple is great!


  8. Those are wonderful and thanks for showing us her site! This will be fun!

  9. ooh, I'll be watching for your "good stuff" posts then! Your book pages are just adorable!

  10. Am so enjoying looking at the round robin pages--everyones creativity is just amazing!!!!