17 November 2007

random rambling...

Despite having a day to celebrate this week it was an emotionally grueling week. What I *thought* was a friendship turned out to be something completely false and I am saddened by that. I feel dumb for not recognizing it sooner and I feel hurt. All of that was compounded by stressful stuff with the little's school board and our biggest fund-raiser of the year. My co-chair decided that she didn't want to do it anymore and stuck me holding the bag. She is finishing up with the big poinsettia sale but after that I am stuck...

Speaking of fund-raising and kids.. I stumbled across this very cool website called Artsonia. Its a Kids Art Museum so you can set up a site for your kiddles and they can have their art there. The fund-raising part comes in when folks BUY stuff with the kids art on it like a mug or cards. Their school gets 15%. I think its an awesome concept for kids to have their own online art gallery! You can bet I will be pitching this to the board!

I had hoped to have some pictures of the goodies that came in the mail to share but my hands the camera haven't managed to meet up this week. I will try very hard to get some pix tomorrow. Just because I shirked that task doesn't mean I haven't kept busy though. I have been giving my mouse a workout in Photoshop to make this banner for my friend Beth:
I have to admit that as far as banners go this one was fairly easy because of all the yummy artwork that Beth sent me to use this time. She just finished up a workshop with Lynne Perrella so I had some fun stuff to work with. I also made up this cute gift certificate for my favorite pink girl, Cerri, of Little Pink Studio. She has them in her shop, just in time for the holidays.

OH! and speaking of shops ( boy, am I just the queen of segues tonight?) Ms HollyDoodle added even more of her fabulous Joli Paquet kits to her site. Her initial offering sold out in about 20 minutes leaving many a sparkle loving, crafty gal pouting in her studio. This will be the last batch so if you missed out pop over and there and get yours while you can. I personally have 2 on the way to me and can't wait to work on them with the wee one. Look how darling they are!

And speaking of bloggy friends.. the uber talented mosaic artist Michelle Legler has christened her new Typepad blog. Go check it out.. she is giving away one of her fabulous cupcakes!

Ok, I think my rambling is over... for now. There is still time to enter my birthday give away.. look down there....


  1. I know how you feel...as I have had that same kind of friend !
    But I learned a lesson and stood taller because of it !!!

    Thanks again for the SUPER COOL banner !!!

  2. Hello, and Happy Birthday. I am really new to all of blogging world! I have just barely created my own and it is very sad... please enter me in your giveaway if it is not too late. Love your work!

  3. sweet girl~
    you are a jewel to us in blogland..waiting impatiently for my new callings cards...you are uber talented my friend!!!

  4. Heather, the banner for Beth and gift cards for Cerri are fantastic! LOVE the Holly Doodle kits, so sweet!!! the work you did for Michelle is just amazing, her new blog looks so yummy!
    and so sorry about your "friend", i have had that happen too, and it can be so very hurtful...

  5. Will be giving this away in a drawing on Dec .10th darlings so come leave y'alls blog for the drawing,it had some papers from magazine and vintage mica. Got some of my decorating up,will finish up this week.xxoo to all.

  6. Happy Birthday Heather! Our school has used artsonia for the last couple years. It's really a great site and handy too for out of town family - they can log in and check out the kids atrwork! Good luck. Also. please enter me in your giveaway if I haven't missed the deadline. Thanks!


  7. Bummer about the friend who wasn't- I'll be your cyber pal! But remember, we only have so much energy to share- so better to share it with you other friends (like us!). Keep smiling!

  8. Artsonia sounds awesome! Thanks for the blip about my little sugar shacks. Sorry you had such a rough week, but Happy Birthday anyway, sweet Heather! XO Holly