03 November 2007

Happy Fall Ya'll

I have been BUSY.. my work queue is filled to the brim for which I am so grateful. FULL seems to describe my life as of late.. full schedule, full brain, full heart... I glad of these things for they fill my days and make me feel fortunate for all that I have. I have been busy creating artwork for the 12 Days swap I am a part of and kits for Joli Paquet.. coming up soon!! In addition I have been working on design projects for work and play. Recently, I made this cute calling card for my buddy Laura. She was super thrilled with it as a book lover and old fashioned girl. I just sent it to the printer last night and am so excited to see them in person. I also made a Christmas blog banner for her but its a little early to unveil that so I will share it later. I also made this cute little business card for Joleen to represent the non-photography side of her endeavors.

Aside from all of these projects I have been working very hard on a new venture which some of you may already be aware of if you read my friend Holly's blog. A couple of weeks ago she let the cat out of the bag by announcing that her husband and I have joined forces and started a small business DESIGNING WEBSITES for smaller scale artists, stores and all around "cool chicks". We are still nailing down the details and I am tweaking the website but we are pretty much ready to start creating websites for clients. I am so excited that this opportunity has come my way because I feel it is a great extension of Bluhm Studios and I have had people ask me in the past if I would do websites for them. I CAN do web work BUT I do not enjoy it and am a bit out of practice. I do not have the desire to spend my time writing code and debugging the problems so enter Brian who is a web designer extraordinaire. He approached me because he was in the reverse situation wanting to offer websites but not having the skills or desire to do the front end "pretties". That, as they say is a win-win situation. Keep your eyes here for an announcement of our grand opening which should be very soon.


  1. What a wonderful collaboration!! You are a super talented designer, so the partnership will be perfect!
    Best of luck to you!!

  2. this is fantastic news! congratulations!

  3. I read about your new business venture...
    Good for you! I'm sure they'll be lining up to have a website desite by you!
    Congrats & Best Wishes...

  4. So happy to hear your business is growing in leaps and bounds and you are enjoying it!


  5. Great news about the new business venture!!!!

    AND, as you know, I love my new calling card and Christmas banner!!! Can't wait to get them!!!

  6. can't wait- my blog needs some decorating and style!

  7. so happy to hear things are going so well! Great opportunity in your new biz!

  8. Wonderful Heather! You will be great at designing websites and what a perfect match to keep you from the drudgery part!
    I love the two business cards. Excellent work!
    BTW, my husband's name is Brian too. Odd, given the other Holly connections.