12 October 2007


So yeah a few days ago I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and I am sorry and not that I posted here. I never post to get people to feel sorry for me but I DO appreciate the support non the less. I blog for purely selfish reasons, to get it all out so it doesn't rattle around in my brain. That I have an audience is just an added part, a sounding board and a support group. Thank You.

Anyway, I felt better when I blogged because it was OUT in a nice, constructive way. I learned that many of you have experienced the same kinds of things and then in that I had a true blessing occur. I wish I could share the detail of that blessing right now but I shouldn't until it is hammered out a bit more solidly. Suffice it to say that someone I have admired for a long time asked ME if I would like to work together in a "sort" of collaboration. Had I not been sitting in my recliner when i got the email I probably would have just fallen on the floor in shock and glee. I think I did actually squeal but it was too early this morning to do the happy dance. Happy dances only occur after numerous cups of coffee. I can't wait to share the new things that are happening at Bluhm Studios soon. I am just bursting and not proving to be too good at keeping secrets lately as I share yet ANOTHER sneak peek of my 12 days project here. I couldn't resist the lemony yellow shades today when working on this piece. A bunch of the fabrics are vintage from some great kits sent to me by Shosh at Hannah Grey.
I have been going a lot more online perusing lately since I have officially started my holiday shopping. I am trying to buy largely Indie this year so Etsy has been a regular stop for me lately. Like look at this COOL pendant from Lucky Me Beads. OR

these darling birdie prints from Outi Art. I love the colors and the bird is a given ;).
I personally have been wanting this DARLING print from Mati Rose. It cracked me up the first time I saw it and I think soon it will have to be mine.

I could go on and on about the great stuff at Etsy. I can't post what I have already purchased because certain gift recipients on my list pop in here from time to time.

Finally when shopping Indie we can't forget all the Indie shops, a favorite of mine which is Holly's shop at HollyDoodle designs especially since she has started her Flea Market Fridays! I swear this girl find the coolest stuff, I want to go flea marketing with her! And, check out the COOLEST tussies filled with holiday artsy treats that she just posted. SNOW CONES!! Aren't they cute?? And they are chock full of the greatest supplies plus they are gorgeous with old wallpapers and vintage jewelry. YUM!!!


  1. your lemon-y collage is just gorgeous!!!

  2. I, too, am planning on an Etsy Christmas! The best gifts can be found there!

  3. Glad you are feeling better and that things are looking up. Seems like it always works that way...when things look the gloomiest, something always happens to lift us up. Congratulations on your collaboration of sorts...It sounds exciting and I can't wait to hear all about it.
    xo jeanne

  4. fabulous eye candy...so much to choose from out on Etsy. Love the quilt....My grandmother was a quilter, and I have often thought about crafters, artists and/or quilters that when life hands us scraps, we make something wonderful out of it. You are doing just that!

  5. Kimberly Kwan10/15/07, 9:40 PM

    Keep at it, girly!
    Uou are SO talented and have so much to offer the world!
    I LOVE the eye candy here and those cards you're teasing us with on Flickr are TO DIE FOR!

  6. ooooh -- sneak peeks...pretty!... I'm on a budgeting Christmas -- I'm making stuff. My poor family -- more stuff that I make..... But -- I'm giving my daughter an "etsy gift card" for Christmas -- I'm making the card, but it will have a set amount and she can buy what she likes. We both spend a ridiculous amount of time on etsy....

  7. You are a busy girl but as usual everything you touch looks wonderful....
    and thanks for the etsy links...great finds !!!

  8. i made a little purchase myself over at Holly Doodle! love your etsy finds, that place is just the greatest! i find new people all the time that i just adore what they do, i really could spend hours there just drooling and wanting. love your lemonade! i am greatly admiring your fabric art!!!

  9. Hi Heather, I am one of the lucky girls to get a dress you made for the Speckled Egg Dress Swap. I got the golden yellow dress wwith the golde trim and lacy skirt. It is absolutely perfect. Yellow is my favorite color. Thank you.

  10. I had to comment on the pretty and yellowie collage!! gorgeous!!
    So, its for 12 days? I decided to make jewelry for mine!! I suck at it but I am now addicted. (sigh)

  11. I love that bird print!! And Holly's Tussie Mussie. Too cool. Holly's is another blog I've meant to visit for ages. We have some mutual friends and I can't ever seem to get over to visit her. Sounds like I need to do it on Friday....or maybe not. LOL.