25 September 2007

home lovin'

In case you are one of the few (I'm sure) bloggers who hasn't heard about the little shindig going on over at Karla's, she is hosting a little party about what we love in our homes. I am a bit tardy but I did fulfill the call to share some of the things I love in my home.
Our home is very small and sadly lacking in storage so we have had to make do as best we can. We have lots of clutter which I DO NOT like but I am slowly weeding through it and banishing it to thrift stores and garbage dumpsters. Anyway, the things I love most in my home are personal things... artwork from friends and my dolls shown on their shelf up top. Moving down the column you can see some of my favorite art pieces by friends like Holly and Melfie, there is a silver baby cup which was my Mom's, a miniature trophy cup from Heather, and other treasures and pieces of artwork. The lowest picture is a birdcage I picked up at a thrift store and one of Cerri's princess birdies next to a picture of my little princess at my brother's wedding.
I have little bits of artwork stashed all over. The top ornament here is one I made and hangs on a vintage cabinet that belonged to my grandma. Underneath it is a banner created by Syd from a swap I did with some friends from AFF. Finally is a little shelf vignette with one of Corey's amazing frames, a little thrifted kitty and a vintage cable car which is part of a pretty large collection I own. I was born in San Francisco and we lived right on a cable car line. My Mom started this collection for me years ago.

So, even though it might be a bit cluttery I do love my home. Its old and cute and has lots of character and is filled with people and things I love.


  1. Heather...
    Not cluttery at all!
    So charming, I love all the art work.

  2. Heather... I love all of your artwork you have displayed. It is just how I would have envisioned your home...lots of inspiration and beauty! Heather

  3. It was fun seeing the pictures of the favorite things in your house. I'll have to find some time to sit down and peruse all the links to everyone's homes. I had to laugh when you wrote that your house is a bit cluttered. You should see my studio....I literally cannot even see the floor right now! And to make matters worse, I have spread my "creativeness" out onto the diningroom table while working on swaps and things and so now that room is a mess too. Thank goodness I have a very patient DH!!!