01 August 2007

We are sitting here in shock and sadness watching the news of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. As some of you know my DH, Greg, is from MN and went to college at the University of Minnesota right across this bridge. He, our family and friends have driven over this bridge many, many times so this hits pretty close home for us. Fortunately, as far as we know, no one we know was involved in this horrific accident. For this we are grateful and our hearts are filled with prayers for those touched my this tragedy.

In brighter news, I have mostly recovered from the Garlic Festival and have been back on my computer (which incidentally is magically fixed when I noticed a BULGING battery! Ack!! I replaced the battery with my extra and its working great! Apple is sending me a replacement for the bad one) working away. I just finished a new business card for Angelina over at Angelina's Cards.
angelinas card

and I am doing a bunch of work for Cerri of Little Pink Studio (check out her shop!!) Cerri is a dream to work for and I just finished and installed her new blog banner and I am doing some other things to coordinate but I can't share that stuff yet. I have a couple of other jobs lined up as well one of which is working with Ms Holly of HollyDoodle Designs. I love her style and am really looking forward to working with her as well.

What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color grey, which embodies the characteristics of elegance, humility, respect, reverence, stability, subtlety, wisdom, strong emotions, balance, and cancellation. Grey falls under the element of Water, and symbolizes the moon, tide, ebb and flow.

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  1. my heart is going out to everyone there as well. my mom does a lot of work in that area and crosses that bridge often...

    and my soul is also painted grey...

  2. I just read about that bridge on someone else's blog. OMG...I so have a bridge phobia. I sitting here shaking after reading about it.
    (hugs) to the people who lost loved ones. OMG those poor kids on that bus!
    Glad your computer is back up and working :)

  3. Hi Heather,
    That is so sad, I am glad you don't know anyone involved. We had a little bridge collapse here not long ago and one car was on it, the family all didn't survive. You think you are so safe crossing over a bridge with all the modern technology....

    On a brighter note I love the business card you designed for Angelina and I can't wait to see what you do with Holly's!

    Oh and my soul is painted blue apparently...

    Natasha : )

  4. The blog banner is so, so wonderful!!!!!!!!! So is the business card!!!!!!!!

    I am a yellow!

  5. Heather, aren't you the busy little bee...i love all of the banners that you have been creating, they are all just wonderful and i would be hard pressed to even choose a favorite...i am lucky enough to have one of cerri's sweet bird princesses and i am happy to see one up front and center on her banner...

  6. I live in a suburb of Minneapolis and it is just horrific what happened here. I have been glued to the news coverage and am amazed at the stories that are coming out from survivors. Amazing!

    Love all your new goodies!

  7. Hello, I know how sad and what an awful tragedy! On a happier note I love my crads! You did a fab job! I am grey by the way. Angelina

  8. SO, so sad. I can't shake it. =( Your new banners and cards are gorgeous! Adding some beauty and light to an otherwise sad day.

  9. Heather...Angelina's cards are wonderful...def her style!
    I love the banner too...
    My prayers are with everyone involved in the Minn. Bridge tragedy...I am truley saddened.

  10. Love Cerri's new banner...you did a fab job!

  11. Apparently my soul is blue -- I would have rather been grey -- it looks very classy there for you.
    The bridge collapsing is so scary. See, another reason why I don't drive.....

  12. I've always known you are just FANTASTIC!

  13. I'm glad you MN friendss are safe. I have a lot of family there, too, and we are also unaffected.
    Thank God!

  14. Everyone affected by the bridge are in my prayers. I am happy that all your friends and love ones are safe! Your new card is lovely! What talent you have!

  15. My G is from St. Paul and his family is back there. I called my SIL the next morning(in Mpls) because we heard about it too late the night before. As soon as she answered she said "we're all ok" and I burst in to tears from relief. I live in Mpls. for 3 years back on the 70's and know the area well. It broke our hearts and also made us recall the collapse of the freeway up here after the '89 quake. (since then I've had a fear of being on bridges or winding over passes) So far no one we know was on the bridge. So scary and so, so very sad.

  16. It sure was a very scary and sad thing. yikes. This is another reminder to take not one day for granted. My prayers go out to those who lost someone, or have a "missing" person still.

    Your work is beautiful, I love the business card you created for the extra talented Angelina! I am glad I found your blog, I love it!

  17. brother! I am green, and there are some pretty negative words in my description. Don't know how accurate that quiz is for me...for some reason most questions didn't have any answers I would have picked. maybe I'll go take it again!~ LOL

    "Your soul is painted the color green, which embodies the characteristics of youth, wealth, vigor, aggression, coldness, jealousy, greed, corruption, sincerity, hope, growth, stability, money, luck, prosperity, fertility, cooperation, employment, and healing. Green falls under the element of Earth, and symbolizes our planet's fertility as well as life itself."

  18. Heather!!! You dazzzling dazzzling doll you!! Gosh you are too fab for words!! The banners for Holly and Cerri are outta control!! LOOVE them!! And ooh Angelina's cards!!

    email me when you get a minute...We would sooo love some cards!! And things!!

    talk soon!
    xoxo Jenny