24 August 2007

I'm baaaaaccck

We had a nice but all too short trip to Pacific Grove for our anniversary. Once again we stayed at the famous 7 Gables Inn which is right on the coast at Lover's Point. It was super relaxing and nice to be able to complete sentences and have adult conversations. Of course we missed the little about two hours after we left but we survived.
I am back and facing a very busy couple of weeks. My FIL is here from MN and we are planning the little's 4th birthday in addition to her first day of preschool! Wait! Wasn't it just 2 month ago that I brought her home from the hospital?! I can't believe it.

As I may have mentioned before she will be going to a cooperative pre-school so that means the parents have to work. I jumped in with both feet and am on the executive board as the co-chair of fundraising along with another "Heather." Its been cool to meet some other parents but I have other "work" to do to get ready for the beginning of school as well.

I have been busy in both my studio and on my computer. My latest completed job has been this yummy banner for Karla who I designed an Etsy banner for earlier on.

I just adore Karla's mix of shabby, vintage with brighter colors and I am rally glad she let me go a bit brighter from the "pastel, light colors" she originally wanted. I think this really fits her and her work and am pleased she likes it.

I am delighted to be working with my new pal Jeanne on a new look for her blog and business. Jeanne let me start with a pretty blank slate which is kind of refreshing. We are closing in on some final decisions so I will be able to share her new goodies soon! I love them.


  1. You look like you two had a wonderful time! Congratulations!
    The littles grow fast, don't they? One day you'll turn around and she'll be twenty. On my baby's first day of day care, I walked around the block -- then went back to pick her up -- the day care said to go to the library and read a book. She still remembers (and talks about)her wonderful pre-school teachers. Don't worry -- she'll aways love you most.

  2. Your scrapbook page is so well-put together...lovely

  3. Wow! Pacific Grove looks so great!! Also great, is you jumping in at your daughter's school!!!

    Love, love, love the new banner you did and showed on this entry!!! Makes me so excited to see mine (but no rush please!!! whenever you get to it is fine). Your work is just the best!!!!

  4. it looks like you had a wonderful time on your anniversary trip, good for you!!
    love the banner you did for Karla, it is just gorgeous!!

  5. You two look perfect together :) Your hubby dresses just like my hubby ;) I call it the cozy look :D
    I'm glad you got to get away and have some much needed relaxation.

    They really do grow up so fast!! My oldest is going into 8th grade, and my last one, my baby, is off to Kindergarten

  6. You guys make a cute couple! My Anniversary is 9-3. Hmmmm! that looks Like a FAbulous place to go! We drove the whole coast of Calif. starting from San Diego for our honeymoon! Love, Love, Loved it! Our 15 year will be next year...I'll half to start making hints for the place that you stayed! Always love visiting your blog! You are the Banner Queen! I might have to have you make me some business card!

  7. I love Pacific Grove! Last time we stayed there, we stayed at the other Four Sisters B&B there. We just love all their inns! Aren't the little teddy bears on the beds a great touch?

  8. Welcome back Heather! Looks like you had a wonderful trip. The inn is adorable and looks so romantic and cozy. I'm getting fabulous feedback on my wonderful new banner!

  9. What a beautiful place to visit. I must put it on my list! Lovin' your new digital stuff! You have mad skills girl.

  10. karin (creativechaos)8/27/07, 12:39 PM

    Absolutely love the banner Heather! You are amazing! Glad you had fun on your trip...the layout is great!

  11. Crusin round your blog this afternoon.
    The anniversary celebration sounds wonderful - Happy Happy ! and heres to many more !

    Loved your wedding picture - your dress looked so pretty - I tried to zooom in and see it better !

    That donation button for A Place To Bark is GREAT! and it was so fast and easy to use !
    I think this will help "Bernie" alot having it posted this way ! GFY (good for You - my own little text messaging abbreviation just made up and debuted here - don't burst my bubble and tell me that it is old hat !)

    ANyway, where was I ?

    OH The book thing ! I am checking it out. It sounds Great ! I love this idea. I just have not been reading !!! I am about seven books behind - meaning I keep getting these great books from people and no time to start or finish those I do start !

    But I did sign on to the book site - Thank you for sending the info. I wonder if there are book clubs you can do w/ a circle of friends ? Still checkin it out.

    Oh and No, I have pretty much decided NO ARTFEST this year....You decide yet ? I am a last minute mind changer...So it could happen but right now I am saying "not going"...sniffsniff.

    Love, S.

  12. o yeh and that banner is delicious !

    I am going back to skip thru you blog and see what is up. I got interrupted here at work as I was looking around and commenting (the nerve!)

  13. Glad you had such a lovely anniversary trip! Love the banner!

  14. What a cute couple the two of you are and what a great place to stay !!!!

    The banner is wonderful....I'm almost there with my ideas for you for my new one....but GEEZ you are a busy momma !!!!...sounds like a great school for the "little one"....and just so you know how old I feel, my oldest is a sophomore in college and my baby is a sophomore in high school....yikes !!!!

  15. Sounds like you had a great time away. Glad to have you back. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!! I TOTALLY LOVE the banner you did. AWESOME!! And the scrapbook page is absolutely adorable!!
    Have fun with the little one's school. That will be so rewarding!

  16. Oh, I love Pacific Grove! It's such a beautiful place. Glad that you had a wonderful time there.


  17. I love the 7 Gables! We had our honeymoon at the Martin' Inn just down the street (on the way to Cannery Row). Beautiful view of the ocean from every room. This area is magical! Glad you had a good time!