31 August 2007

Bootiful banners

I finally finished up all of Jeanne's pieces and I love them. As mush as I love doing the photo banners it is refreshing to have a client like Jeanne who gives me some creative freedom by saying "make something vintage and pretty with birds in it". OK! Done and done. I can't wait to see her cards in print. Her Etsy banner is already up but we are battling with her blog because she doesn't want to give up her 3 columned layout. If anyone is brilliant at hacking blogger.. let me know :).

Kasse of Miss Duffy's also contracted me to do a Halloween version of her holiday banner and I had to jump right on it. (I'll do yours next Laura!! I promise!) Its so cute but I am waiting for the final seal of approval before I can share it. I love the spooky goodies she is stocking in her shop! Be sure to come back and see her BOOtiful banner.

I have to go catch up on some sleep now. Its been TERRIBLEY hot the past couple of days and I have been sluggish so I need to bust butt to catch up tomorrow for the big 4th birthday party on Sunday. I started my dresses for Heather's paper dress swap so check back to see some sneak peeks of those soon too!!



  1. The Banners are looking great Heather! You do great work.

    It's hard to believe our wee ones are going to be 4 eh?!? Jake will be 7 on the 5th. I can't believe it... SEVEN!

  2. Wow!!!!Those banners and business card are stunning!!!!!! I am in love with them!!

    I am glad I am on your to do list, but don't worry about rushing!!! Enjoy your weekend and the birthday party!!!!!

  3. Wow! These are the most beautiful banners I have ever seen! (tee-hee!) Forgot to mention that I put in a plug for you in the shop announcement at my etsy shop! Party on. . .

  4. Those look great! I'm so proud to tell you people that you did my business card!

  5. Heather...I can't wait for my blog banner for Sweet Remembrance, then I need one for this blog & my etsy!
    Can't wait...

  6. What a beautiful banner you made...and the rest. Fabulous work!

    I have been admiring your work on other blogs lately...love it!

  7. Heather, I love the new banners. Very pretty!

  8. Love those banners, they are fabulous Heather!

  9. I loooooove your banners!!!!
    Seriously, I think yours are the best out there!!

    Love, a future customer!