08 July 2007


Hi all, just a quick post today. Many of you are aware of the project "Angels for Brianna" but if by chance, you are not please visit the blog and check out the auction of lovely angels created in memory of Brianna who lost her life to MDS last month, at age 17. MDS is a cancer in the bones and its treatment requires a bone marrow transplant. Some of you know that my step-sister has been battling MDS for 5 years and is still in need of a bone marrow donor match. I hope that her story and well as Brianna's will cause you to consider being tested and joining the National Marrow registry. For more information please visit Marrow.org.


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  1. This is such a worthwhile cause. It also makes me realize I need to stop procrastinating and forgetting - and get on the marrow registry.