12 June 2007

fairies in jars

My partner, Rachelle, in Little Melfie's Fairy Jar swap got her jar last week and I finally got hers too so I can share the full on pictures of my full jar and the fun one I received as well.
here are some full view pix of mine ( keep in mind it is HARD to photograph jars!)
fairy in a jar

fairy jar
by clicking on any of these images you can visit my Flickr and see
more views or visit the Fairy Jar Group!

Here are a couple shots of the pretty jar that Rachelle sent me. Its funny how we used very similar color palettes.

trapped fairy

Flowered and jeweled

Against my better judgment, I couldn't resist signing up for Jenny's Bits n Pieces Swap with whom I am excited to be paired up with Jeanne. Her little profile that she sent sounds just like one I would write so I am sure it will be fun to swap with her.

I am also signed up for HollyDoodle's Tiara swap and I am partnered with the lovely Risa of ParTea Planner fame. I am excited to get going as I have just found some great inspiration. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some time to create and list some new goodies on Etsy.


  1. Love the fairies in the jar! Inspires me to create. I love fairies they are so free spirited!!!

  2. OH, they are both fabulous jar fairies!! Wasn't it the funnest swap??

  3. Both of the jars are beautiful! I think you did a very good job photographing them....my photos suck!
    I am also doing Jenny's swap. I couldn't resist!

  4. Those captured fairies are sooooo magnificent! Love them :)

  5. LOVE the jar fairies!!! So lovely!!!

  6. Pretty so pretty! What a fun swap!

  7. OMG! I so want to make one of these jars! Luv it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ooooh... love the fairies in jars!

  9. OooooooOOoo.. AHHhhhhhhHHhhh!!!

    We LOVE Fairies...