18 May 2007

Spring indifference

It seems like there is a period each season where I feel indifferent to just about everything. During these times it is hard to focus (well always), hard to sit still and hard to get anything accomplished like blogging. I do think about blogging but somehow I just can't be bothered... Anyway, I am starting early today in hopes I can finish and publish this post!

I have finished up my cards for Heather's Spring Floral note card swap. Somewhere along the way I put the "floral" part our of my head and just went off any old way. Fortunately she saw them and said send them anyway.. yay. Here are two I haven't shared before.
roses are red....

butterfly garden

I'm not sure how springy they are come to think of it but I am out of time so they will have to do.

The other day I had a wonderful mail day. I have bee doing a few more ATC swaps lately so its fun to see the new artwork in my mailbox. There are so many fun artists to swap with on Flickr. Thanks gals! I was super excited to get this package the other day from Shosh who was my partner in HannahGrey before I moved on to Portals and focusing more on my own art and family. She sent me a goodie package of new arrivals for HG...

Check out the new colors of German foils!! Wow, the pink is so shabby chic and perfect. The birdie punch is so cool and when Shosh saw it she said she knew I just HAD to have it. She also sent me the current issue of Somerset Life which has some art by our favorite shabby gal, Pam Garrison along with tons of other inspiring and fun projects for infusing some art and style into every day life. I keep picking it up and flipping through it. The little gal is a teeny ballerina. My Hannah immediately took off with it but she was very cute. I think if you click on the picture it will get bigger. THANKS again Shosh.

The same day that I got this great package from Shosh, I also received a very recognizeable envelope. Those of you who read Pam Garrison's blog will know that this is from her. Back at ArtFest, Pam spotted a book of wallpaper I had in her class. I SWEAR she has vintage wallpaper radar... well she came over and asked where I had gotten it. It was a a book of vintage small prints that I had hunted down when I was working on Hannah's doll house actually. Anyway, she exclaimed over it but refused my offer to help herself fearing she might take my favorites. We then decided to do a little swap ourselves after we returned. This is what she sent me!!

Vintage Goodness
Needless to say I was thrilled and all I can do it just look at it and stroke the flocking. I don't have nearly the collection she has. Sh can probably open a store! But I will share some of my treasured pieces along with some other vintage bits I hope she will enjoy.

Ok, thats about it for now. I am being "paged" by the little. Time to get on with our day.


  1. Well, I just love your Spring Floral notecards and your nice gifts & swaps with Pam and Shosh! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you took the time to blog today!

  2. Such lovely cards! I am positively swooning over that wallpaper! Holy cow that is gorgeous!

  3. i woudla recognized Pam's beautiful handwritng (and that wallpaper - oh my!) anywhere! what a lucky girl you are to trade stashes with the master! WOW! Enjoy your new treasures!

  4. karin (creativechaos)5/19/07, 1:45 AM

    I'm drooling over that wallpaper!!!

  5. What beautiful eye candy. The cards are lovely and quite summery with the bright colors. The vintage wallpaper is scrumptious!

  6. Just found your blog site. Of course red is one of my favorite colors on anything and your cards are lovely. Hope to see more of your work.

  7. love your cards. and the wallpaper is gorgeous. have fun creating!

  8. Wow Heather, I saw this piece in CPS and I loved it. I didn't know you had your card on it. It's awesome! Spring does the opposite to me. I feel so inspired and renewed. Maybe it's cause my B-day is April 1st... springtime! Good thing cause I've got to get that studio ready! Have a good weekend! Stacey

  9. everything is gorgeous and i love your cards!!

  10. Ooh, thanks for sharing. What eye candy! I love your cards you are making. What great inspiration.
    The goodies you've received have me drooling!!

  11. Your Spring notecards are lovely! And what wonderful goodies - especially the vintage wallpapers!