07 May 2007

random ramblings

Hey all, hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was jam packed and its looking like this week will be too. I am much tanner and there are many more plants in the ground after this weekend. The big news is that we took H to a little local carnival and she won 2 goldfish all by herself. She is so excited and proud of herself. I am fearing that carnival goldfish may not be the healthiest and they might die sooner rather than later but we'll see.

Not much else to report. I worked on a few more jars this weekend so I can update my Etsy. I know I keep saying I am going to update but somehow I just can't quite get to the posting of product stage.. so uncreative! Anyway, I am hoping.. soon!

I have finally gotten back in the groove with Portals and am churning out pages fairly quickly. I just got the VERY handy Photoshop article from Mike and am waiting on a couple of tutorials to round out an article. I am really hoping to go into production before the end of the month. I feel bad that it has taken so long but overcoming the anger and hurt has been difficult for me. There have been more times than not that I have just wanted to scrap the whole thing.

Anyway, I have some exciting treasures to photograph and share later. I am sharing the las of my tags for Tammy's swap in this post. The fancy birdie with pink polka dots is my fav. Speaking of which, I am closing the polka dot book sign ups today. If you "signed up" but have not joined the Yahoo group, please email me! I will be sharing pictures of the project and am so excited to have some blog friends joining in this time around!


  1. all your tags are just wonderful!!

  2. YEAH for HEATHER and YEAH FOR Portals...


  3. I love those tags! I have started to use them a bit since they are smaller and more do-able.

    And I won a goldfish at the fair many years ago and it outlived the ones from the pet store! Long live goldfishy!