22 May 2007

check it out...

One of the not so secret project I have been working on is a new banner and avatar for my friend Liz's new Etsy shop. I met Liz at ArtFest and she was super cool. She has stocked her shop with beautiful totes and inspiring "prayer" flags. Check it out:

And since I am sharing eye candy from Liz's Etsy shop, I think I will share a few thing on my wish list in other Etsy shops as well... cause I don't have anything else to blog about.. except the thing at the end of my post..

I am swooning HARD over this ADORABLE bunny on Lori's (Faeriewindow's) shop:

I love this little bunny bracelet ( does anyone see a theme here?) in Mary Holcomb's "Oh Merci" shop. And how CUTE are these chicks on parade? Just too if you ask me!

I blogged about the shop "1 of my Kind" before and I have yet to get anything from it, even though I love virtually everything she has. Everytime I look I find TOO MANY things!!

and speaking of jewelry, check out these :

I just got this print from Susan Tuttle (Ilka's Attic). We did a swap and she sent it to me. Its sold out on her shop but she has other CUTE things. Thanks Susan!!

and finally, not an Etsy shop but check out what my hubby got for me the other day! I have already played with it and can't wait to use all the attachments!!


  1. Oh my gosh... that bunny bracelet and first little bunny are ADORABLE!!! Glad I found your site!

  2. YEAH Gotta love power tools!! Hubby is sweet!

  3. Eye candy!!!! Ooooh!!! Thanks for sharing such good stuff!!!

    I love your banners!! I would love to see a whole book of them!

  4. oh what a gift!! that is awesome.

    every time i go to the shop and see my banner i smile. how i love it!!!

    and there is so much good stuff here. love that little chick (do you know that book called bitter with baggage seeks same? photos of chicks like this with captions. it is wondrously hilarious).

  5. I loved those rings and the papers! Very nice things!

  6. Heather, I love what you did for Liz's shop!! Her banners are great, love all the ball fringe on display there!! Thank you for featuring my bunny, that is soooo sweet!! I just read something about promoting etsy on blogs and I really want to start doing that when I have some more time to look around and see what is available from the sellers....I wonder when THAT will be??

  7. Karin (creativechaos)5/23/07, 3:04 PM

    Lori's bunnies are so cute. I think I need to talk to you about banners....I want you to do one for me too!

  8. Pretty, pretty things! And that first little bunny is SO cute!

    I just had to laugh when I saw the tool set. I bought a Dremel and then, just after the Dremel's merchandise return date, saw this same magnificent set at a local store - way less $ and way more stuff in the kit. It looks just wonderful - so many fun attachments! I know you will get much crafting enjoyment from it.

  9. Girls and their tools. err, I mean toys! Heh heh!

    Lots of good eye candy!!! Hope you're enjoying your week :)

  10. i have that same necklace from "1 of my kind" with the bird...LOVE it! and i love your tool kit...so great!

  11. Heather! Hellooo!
    I love your tag you sent me and all of the goodies with it! Thank you!
    And! Thank you for including me in some of your etsy favorites today! I have been trying to get gardening work done, now it is back to work!
    What a great gift...your very own dremmel!!!
    Happy Birthday Heather!!!
    With Kindness,

  12. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for sharing some great Etsy finds! I'm drooling. Love all the new stuff in your shop as well. The danglies are very sweet.

  13. A powertool, you lucky, lucky, lucky!!!

  14. ohhh, you lucky girl. I want the dremel! ;)