12 April 2007

eye candy of a different variety...

Journal from Pam's class
Ta da!! See, I told ya I'd share my journal one day. I was motivated to get it into photo shoot condition today and I snuck into the studio periodically to do so. The book was deconstructed and then the binding was widened and remade with linen binding tape. After the signatures of Fabriano watercolor paper were sewn in the binding is covered with upholstery fabric (scavenged in the art asylum room) and embellished with buttons. The rectangular bit in the center is actually cut all the way thru like windows with a birdie postcard and vintage wallpaper placed behind. I punched holes thru the covers with my Japanese screw punch and tied some of the pretty velvet ribbon used on the cover in them to make a closer. I then glued a vintage pink flower over the top hole.

Here are a few of the spreads inside. In addition to building the actual book Pam's class involved experimenting with various mediums to make backgrounds on the pages so there would always be a page ready for journaling. We did several spreads before even sewing the signatures in the book. One of my favorite techniques is to stitch on the pages before binding to have some fun texture.

green swirl red dots cubey things
These are two of the entries I have done. You can see them larger and a few other shots by clicking on any image and visiting my Flickr album.
Polka Dots Little Angel
And just a note on the "other" Eye Candy. Still waiting on the printer part.. soon, so soon....


  1. OMG.....it looks great....everything...the cover and the pages !!!
    WOW....now I want to try it !!!!

  2. ooohhhhh...ahhhhh....it is simply wonderful. Your color choices for the backgrouns are really pleasing. Eye candy, indeed! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love your journal pages! Wow!

    Can't wait for the Polka Dot Book project to begin ... wondering what I'll do ... such fun!

  4. these are wonderful! wow! i love your choice of colors...
    i am going to start an art journal, i am going to start an art journal, i am...okay, you get the point i think...

  5. Oh my goodness!! Your journal is gorgeous!! Just perfect!!

  6. This is an absolutely beautiful journal, Heather. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your journal is lovely. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Wow, Heather...you've been working hard on this. I love it. Everything looks fab!!!!!!!!!

  9. awesome!!!!! This is so very inspiring. :)

  10. Your Journal looks great !

    Gosh I have come by every day since you posted on the third....and I just now hit the reload button and voila ! There is all the ARTFEST Stuff !!!

    I kept thinking we lost you or something - that you must be REALLY burned out to have gone this long w/o a post about it.

    But here you are !!!

  11. WOW!!! This is stunning! What a great project!

  12. Hi Heather,
    What a wonderful journal you created in Pam's class!! Thanks so much for sharing this!



  14. OMG Heather...everything is beautiful! I just love your journal and the colors you used. The page you made for your daughter is darling!

  15. OMG Heather...everything is beautiful! I just love your journal and the colors you used. The page you made for your daughter is darling!