25 February 2007

busyness & banners

I have made and installed a couple of new bloggy banners this past week. It was nice to take a little break from Eye Candy and stretch my creative wings in a different way. I made this fun yarn banner for Sonya at In the Skein of Things. We went through a couple of versions and then I sent her on a photo shoot to her local yarn store to get a picture of this skein.
Then, I finally convinced Sharon to update her template (like she had much choice anymore) and we put up this banner I made for her a little while back. I think its perfect for welcoming Spring...
In other news, I spent a good part of the weekend reorganizing my studio. Last week I took some measurements and studied the Ikea catalog and then Friday we went to Ikea and got two new shelf units to on top of my desks. I purged a large garbage bag of stuff yesterday and stashed things away and labeled, etc. This week I hope to begin going through the myriad drawers and purge/organize even more. I will try to get a couple of pictures tomorrow to share. I am so excited about my "new" space and can't wait to actually create some art in there. Today I packed up a buttload of orders/ swaps and then painted with the little.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We are due for lots of rain this week so I see some creative projects in my new future.

Countdown to ArtFest: 28 days!!!!


  1. Those banners look great! I love the feeling of purging/organizing. It feels so good!

  2. Wow! Those banners are fabulous. I really really like the one with the yarn. :)

  3. I really really like the one with the yarn too!!! I think I NEEEEEED that skein of yarn!!
    Great job as always Heather!

  4. Love the new banners! Which reminds me, we (read you) need to re-install that blog banner fairy button on my new blogger...........

    I am going to start looking for a Spring picture for my spring banner!

    Can't believe you are so close to Artfest!!!!!!

    Also, I love the charm you did for Kim's project!!! Great job!

  5. Karin (creativechas)2/26/07, 11:45 PM

    I have never been so inspired and created so much since I got into my new space.....Funny what a table that you don't have to clean up for dinner will do to you.....Have fun creating!

  6. How much do you charge for new banners/headers. I have been trying all morning to make one and I have been WOEFULLY unsuccessful!! HELP!!

    : )
    Gail... who ended up with a boring white blog today

  7. I came upon your blog through someone's link list. It's really inspiring. I'm at home with two sick babies.

  8. Isn't IKEA wonderful? Enjoy your beautiful new space!