23 January 2007

Pixels, paper and glue

Even though I have been quite productive in the studio lately, I am still without my camera (though Canon says it is done and I should have is SOON! yay) so I cannot really share what I have been up to.
I have been working on several things for my long neglected Etsy shop so maybe its better to do a large upload and surprise everyone who has been waiting to see some new treasures. I got a little bit done today but the little was on a tear and constantly made messes and wrecked havoc. I feel so emotionally drained after days like this that I can barely think much less be productive after she finally goes to bed.
This is my page for the Portals fat book. I need to print them and get them off to Joleen who is binding it. I am late but from what I understand I am not the only one. I still have to get my ArtFest pages printed too (thanks for all of your input) and do my "pages" for the ArtFest ATC book. I think that is it for my art swap commitments for now (yay) which will leave me time to work on Portals #5 and the special edition ArtFest issue which we have decided to call Eye Candy. We are looking for submissions or art and writing for both of these issue and we need it ASAP so if you are interested, please visit the Portals website and check out our submissions guidelines. Remember that the Eye Candy issue will go out to more than 500 people making your art or ad very visible!!

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