08 January 2007

more dollie love...

LOOK who arrived today. I had to run out to Target to get some cold medicine (ugh) and when I came home she was waiting on the porch for me. While we were at Target we decided to pick up a few dollie things and I splurged on a few new outfits in hopes they would fit the girls. Almost everything does and what doesn't can go into the little's stash. Also, I used a gift card and bought them a little living room set but of course as soon as we got it home it was "stolen" and I don't have a camera really anyway.
I took these shots with my Mac photo booth software which is low resolution and grainy. Sorry they suck so bad but I was too excited not to share something. My dilemma now lies in deciding which girl to customize. I have already ordered mohair and hooks. I had intended to customize Ginger, feeling that if I had not seen her I wouldn't have any attachment, but once she was out of the box and stripped of her hippie clothes I was hooked. Her hair is amazing and I can't imagine cutting it all off. I am leaning now toward customizing Aubrey. I love her long red hair but it is UNRULY to the 10th degree. Back to research mode I guess.

1 comment:

  1. All this BLYTHE is making me crazy for it again !

    aaa and it sounds like so much fun !

    And I dont have any little monkies to STEAL my gleanings !

    Hope you are feeling better soon.