12 January 2007

look out relaxation...

here I come! Well, I hope.
Joleen buzzed me Wednesday night to see if I wanted to make a quick trip to San Francisco for the weekend. As it worked out I was free so we're going. She should be on her way up here now. Tomorrow morning we'll grab some coffee and hit the road to wander aimlessly about the city, take pictures and art journal while we eat yummy food and sip on coffee. It will be nice to have a quick 36 hours away from home and the little and to not have to stick to any schedule.

On the home front I have been working on digital stuff for clients:




and a few swaps. Unfortunately I have no pictures yet as my camera is still in the shop. I had to mail several things off already but I have a fabric ATC banner that I will get Joleen to shoot when she is here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Next week I will have more pictures to share!


  1. A quick trip to San Francisco??? Oh, I am soooo jealous. I love that town. Hope you have a great time!

  2. Are you taunting me by showing me that banner in the middle? Is this a hint??

    Have fun in San Fran, and if I don't see you for LV tonight, I'll figure you and Joleen are having too much fun!

  3. oh it was so much fun! :D

    i forgot to take pics of your banner so be sure to with your mom's cam before you return. ;)

    can't wait until next time! xo