29 January 2007

little bits...


How cute are these? They are my MOO cards featuring bits of my Flickr photos. I love them.. so cute, so wee. I will be including them in orders from my Etsy shop and swaps, etc. yay!

In my mailbox the other day I got this cool, knit and felted key chain from my good buddy Lora. She sent it to me as part of her 5 pieces of art give away. I love the colors and think it is very clever! Thank you Lora!!!
friends Keychain

Recently, and against my better judgment, I signed up for another 1x1" square art swap. I am addicted to these "inchies" and actually found it a great way to use up those wee scraps littering my desk while try to dig out lately. The swap is for 20 squares but I am up to 75+, so needless to say I have extras. I know many of you are discovering these inchies too and if anyone would like to do a 5 for 5 swap with me, please drop me a line and lets trade!
Inchies Inchies
(click to see them bigger)

Let's see, I have been busy working on various things for said Etsy shop. I just added some "Inspiration Packs" tonight. They are chock full of little goodies to spark your creativity and I had fun assembling them as I worked on organizing my art nest. In addition to the babies I have been trying to get caught up on all the mail I owe. I think the last thing on my list is an overdue ATC for the lovely Amber who sent me a VERY beautiful ATC. I made this ATC for her to celebrate Valentine's Day. I hope she likes it.


  1. I just ordered some moo cards as well - maybe we can swap a couple? - love the ATC - and the inchies are wonderful! - inspiring - xox - eb.

  2. Thank you for that wonderful tutorial on making the tiny art pieces! So helpful! I still can't imagine how people can make 100 of these for a swap, but you sure made it seem a lot more manageable than I had previously thought! Very generous of you to share!

  3. very fun. What is the link to your Essy shop?

  4. Oh boy....I just linked to your etsy shop...love the packs. Looks like I have some shopping to do!! btw...thanks for stopping by. I'm excited about the giveaway!

  5. I like your Inspiration Packs!! Very cool!! Look at all those inchies!! woo girl!

  6. I have some moo cards I ordered a while and plan to get more as I start to do more art. Yours are fabulous. I like that you can punch a hole and attach them to anything.
    Love those "inchies" - I just may have to do a few, they seem to be addicting. (maybe a future swap).

  7. Your moo cards are pretty cool! I love the keychain, lucky youuuuu and your atc is lovely!!

    Come on over and drop your name in my giveaway too :)

  8. heather...love your moo cards...i got some too. they are precious aren't they?? oh gosh...now something else to get addicted to! and your inchies are great. thanks for visiting my blog too! have a great night!

  9. I think those Moo cards are so cool! Can you use other people pictures from Flicker on them??? or just from your own?

    I would love some, but don't have any pics on Flicker but there are tons of cool pics there that would be neato to use. but you probably can't right? if you remember, tell me the answer to this sometime!!

  10. I am the proud new owner of your beautiful ATC...She is gorgeous...I love it!!!
    Thanks so much Heather!!!
    Amber H.

  11. hey heather! I just saw your itty bitty tutorial and it totally rocks. love it, love it! I learned how to ink the edges in a more efficient way thanks to you! love the pics too and all you said and your moo's turned out great! -lia