07 December 2006

its beginning to look alot like Christmas...

We pulled out our dusty holiday boxes and began to dig through them this week. Its been so fun to see the little B so excited and wanting to help. Its the first Christmas where she really "get it" and that makes it so much more fun. We haven't gotten our tree yet. We're scheduled for a Saturday morning trip to go cut one down with some friends but now a storm is expected so who knows if we will get it this weekend. We did put up lights and decorated our mantle so we have some holiday cheer in our living room.

Holiday mantle

In addition we have turned on some outside holiday lights and I made some holiday wreathes at my Mom's. We didn't have any pine branches available so I picked what was available (alot) and made some fun alternative wreathes.

alternative Christmas wreath

Eucalypus wreath

Yes, there is art in various stages of completion and I finally took some pictures of my 100 squares accordian book so I will upload those tomorrow.


  1. Oh my goodness, those wreaths are beautiful!! It all looks very festive....Happy Holidays.


  2. Brilliant and beautiful wreaths!!!!!!