13 November 2006

tootsie time

After a couple of rough days with Greg out of town and coming down with some yucky cough cold thing I got a few hours to myself yesterday. I took off with my pals Marie & Deb and we got pedicures! I love pedicures but hadn't treated myself to one in a long time. When we got to the place I also decided to go for it and have a manicure too. It seems that no matter how much lotion I put on my hands they still get so dry and yuckie. I opted for plain fingernails since the polish would probably chip in a matter of hours and of course, I am always covered with paint and ink anyway!

It was a really nice way to spend a few hours and have a little adult conversation, and now I have pretty tootsies to show for it.

Of course, once the wee one caught sight of them, she wanted "cherry sweet" toes too, so after her bath last night I painted her toe nails red and now we match. She is very happy and I have to admit those tiny pink toenails look pretty cute.


  1. Now I wanna go treat myself! LOL Maybe I'll talk mom into going for one when I'm home for Christmas...just me and her! That would be fun!

  2. Pretty feet! How do you get the Mo's do-dads. i noticed that Amy from Inspire Company uses them also.