10 October 2006

old, new, happy and a little blue...

Today was kind of a rough one interspersed with a little bit of beauty and happiness. Tomorrow my little family is leaving me for 6 days in MN to attend the wedding of a friend and to spend time with the hubby's family. I know I will miss them, eventually, but after today I am all too eager to have a break from the three year old terror that is is currently residing in my household. I swear 3 is WAY harder than 2!!!

I was looking forward to a lunch date with my Dad, aka Portals' Fairy God-Father, but got a phone call instead saying that he had been admitted to the hospital with chest pains. Unfortunately this is nothing new as he has had several heart procedures including a quadruple bypass and most recently, new stents placed. The really bad news is that he is running out of treatment options. I am hoping that this stay is just a result of a dru reaction or something that can be handled. We could sure use some postive thoughs here though.

As for the good news.. I finally remembered to take a picture of that cool little Halloween goodie pictured above. It was made by the talented and uber sweet Hope of Paper Relics. Thank You so much Hope!!

I was also excited upon checking the mail today. I got my copy of Sally Jean's book! I LOVE IT!!
Sally Jean

Its so full of inspiration and ideas and great tips that I can't wait to fire up the old soldering iron again! Which reminded me that I still have this pendant that I made a couple years ago. I gave Joleen a Frida one when she was here but this is one I had decided to keep.

Every time a bell rings and angel gets her wings


  1. sending the biggest of hugs! xo

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your dad - I go through similar issues with my parents... My thoughts are with both of you.

    So glad you like the Halloween treat I sent - and Sally Jean's book is wonderful isn't it?? And I love that charm you made!!! Hope to see you online soon!

  3. being three is a walk in the park-cherish it, seriously, just wait until she starts middle school or high school, that was my personal hell!! she is my bestest friend in the world now..anyway, sally jean is the bomb and this book speaks like she is right next to you giving you your own personal private lesson..love it!! beautiful litle charm...

  4. Sending up big prayers for your dad and you too! Hang in there!

  5. Hope is amazing! what great stuff! lucky you Heather..

  6. Hi Heather...

    I am SO SORRY to hear about your dad. I sure hope he is feeling better soon...
    I have also ordered the Sally Jean book... and anxiously waiting to receive it in the mail.

    I am excited about submitting an article for Portals. You and Joleen are WONDERFUL!


  7. I love Sally Jean's book too - I can't stop looking through it. It's so inspirational and just gorgeous to drool over.