29 October 2006

HELP!- a contest!

OK, I was suckered into participating in Laura's FFA (Faux Family Album) project. (Yeah, I know its going to be cool and I will be glad I did it, I am just at that paralyzed starting point because I have to write a story!-ack!) Anyway, she sent each of us participants a vintage cabinet card to alter and return to be part of a faux family album. I can do that but the other part of the project is to provide a family story/history about said relative. I always get stuck on this part of this kind of project.. so much so that last time I had to do such a project I paid my friends daughter to write the story part for me. BUT this time I am appealing to you, dear readers for a little assistance.
This is my new "ancestor".. isn't she cute??? But she needs a name.. and a story... If you have ideas, please leave them in the comments section. Next weekend I will choose the name and story (not neccesarily from the same person) and use them in my project. To the folks that provide the "winning" entries I will send a copy of my finished piece and some other little goodie to thank you for your help!


  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog this weekend..

    Great picture. I'd say her name is Elsbeth. She is your great aunt, your grandfather's youngest sister (or maybe a distant cousin to a grandparent if the above seems to "real"!) In any case, she is a little sister in a family of boys who, though quiet and sweet faced, grew up to be strong and defiant with all those older boys, and became a world traveler, possibly an ambassador (you can see she is smart and compassionate by her eyes..). She lived to be 90, through most of the 20th C. Never married, but had many friends, and in her retirement wrote books of her adventures!

    I think I'd love to do a project like this!

    Have fun.. :-)

  2. Her name is Norma Ruth, she was born in 1821 and died in 1895. She was the mother of 9, two girls and seven boys. She was a crafty woman who made the girls clothes out of feed sacks and loved to knit. (you know I had to put that in there!) She was a devoted wife to her husband who was a tobacco farmer in Kentucky. She was the best cook in Grayson County, KY and everyone loved her apple pies.

  3. Her name is Goldie and she is the first daughter of a respected physician. She has two older brothers, who like to torment her with things like lizards and snakes which they find outside while playing.
    Her name, Goldie, was chosen by her parents as a symbol of how precious she is to them. They pamper her and send her to the finest schools, dressed in imported clothing.
    As a spirited, young woman, Goldie, enjoys adventure and likes to go for biplane rides and is learning to be a pilot. She attends a prestigious university where she becomes a founding member of a sorority devoted to the enjoyment of the arts.
    Eventually, she marries a dashing heir to a automobile company and ends up living a life filled with travel, art and philanthropy. She is unable to have children, but generously supports her wards (the children of her deceased brother).
    At her death, her estate was willed to an artist colony in rural New Hampshire, allowing many aspiring artists to create pieces of work that will become famous.

  4. Don't forget....it does not have to be a long story. Just a few sentences will do!!!! Don't stress too much over it....

    Also, I will be taking you up on that collage sheet information soon!! Thank you!!! It seems all I do is cause you to do more work, even under the guise of creating!! I owe you big time!

  5. Wow!!! I just read the stories on here!!!! They are all FANTASTATIC!!!!!!!!

  6. this is monique and she was found wandering the street of paris on a cold rainy night by sister anna mary. she is mother superior to the st francis carmelite nuns. the sisters welcomed monique into their lives as if she was one of theirs. she lived her entire live with the sisters until the ripe old age of 92..she thanked them everyday of her life for saving her and giving her life..


  7. Her name is Natalie. The picture was taken when she was two, soon after her family moved from North Carolina to Reno, Nevada around 1900. She was told that when the photo was taken, her diapers had to washed by hand and hung out to dry on the tumbleweeds blowing around outside. Her father owned a mine just outside of Reno and her family was the first to own a car in that city. She later married a man who made his living running a hardware store and became successful by selling supplies to the military during the first World War. She had three daughters and one son. Her son was the first in the family to complete college. Natalie died of cancer at the young age of 37.

  8. Actually his name is George and he is the 3rd child of immigrant parents from Sweden. He became a bricklayer and while working on the inside of a well, a brick fell and lodged in his brain. He lived for 3 days.
    (The hair part is a dead give away that it is a boy, and that part about the brick happened to one of my distant relatives)

  9. I see her as Claudia Elizabeth and Im thinking..her parents owned a candy company!!!!

  10. Oh, this is such a great idea!! I get stuck (paralyzed, really) with this sort of thing, too. I haven't done my page for Laura yet, either. Mostly because I have no story!! LOL Do you mind if I do the same sort of contest on my blog?

  11. This is terrific. Her name is Annalise and she is your great, great grandmother. She was always fascinated with paper and as she grew older created imaginary friends - paper dolls if you will - that transported her to places and relationships that amused her, especially since she was the only child. She never grew tired of transforming flour sacks, candy wrappers, the occasional school book page, and other found objects into whimsical creations - a gift passed on to your mother, the youngest of her three children, and only daughter. This love of paper passed on to you and has blossomed into a world of creativity that brightens peoples days from worlds away that you don't even know. Annalise is certainly smiling from above.

  12. Lovely blog..........here goes.
    His name is William but everyone calls him Billy boy, he was born in 1890, he was the 12th and last born and the first son and the apple of his parents eye and a joy to all of his sisters. He bacame a banker and never married or had any children. His entire life he was looked after by his adoring sisters and their children. He died a very wealthy man and divide his wealth between his family and charities.

  13. don't forget that boys and girls were dressed the same at a young age . boys were usually dressed in dresses up to between the ages of 3 - 5. Then they sometimes had a little party and then they were dressed in miniature versions of their father's clothes This practice continued also in the early part of the last century (early 1900's).
    This ritual certainly confused me for many years looking at family photos.
    Therefore I agree with Mamarox and named the babe as a him.
    also many adults didn't smile in old photos as most of them were missing teeth plus also a little apprehensive of the flash.
    sorry for the history lesson
    joan in italy