02 September 2006

talk about your mixed media

As I often do I was link surfing around various blogs when I ran across this COOL artist who draws his work in the dust on car windows.. check it out! More here.

In other artsy news, I have been sewing and have ideas!! No pix yet but hopefully soon. I'm also working away on issue #3 of Portals. Hope is working some magic on our yucky website. (no you can't see it yet)


  1. That is too cool! At first i didn't get that he did this with dirty car windows lol. I checked out his stuff and saw he did that Vermeer painting, "Girl with a Pearl Earring". Thanks for sharing!

  2. I recently saw his amazing dust paintings. Very cool.

  3. Hi Heather! I've been catching up on your posts this morning. Wow, you have been so busy making beautiful stuff! Your quilt squares are stunning...I want to learn!