05 September 2006


Thanks gals, for the book recommendations. I am a member of Paper Back Swap and am going to request some of these titles. I have to agree that the Secret Life of Bees was also a great read. I have seen the Mermaid Chair on the store book shelves and have been tempted to pick it up as well and I just saw a commercial for the upcoming TV movie.


  1. I loved the Mermaid Chair....I know a few people who thought it was very strange, but I would put it on your list of reads. And The Secret life of Bees....I loved !!!! I am now reading Eat Love Pray and it is great. I am savoring it....afraid for it to end.

  2. I read the Mermaid CHair and I liked it too.

  3. i just LOVE swapping things!! I am an odd duck and haven't read those. LOL

  4. Loved Secret Life of Bees

    Never made it thru Mermaid Chair...

    Time Traveller on my Someday List for a long long time now ! Glad to know you loved it too.