19 September 2006


Wooohooo! I was sure doing the happy dance yesterday when I arrived home from my walk. In my mailbox I discovered a cute little packet from Teesha with my ArtFest registration!! She is so clever; sending all the information in a fun little journal form with blank pages to keep notes and lists!!

I was thrilled to find out that I will be rooming with my wonderful friend Sharon AND I got ALL my first choice class picks which include:

Susan Lenart-Kazmer's Resins class...
I have been wanting to take a class from her for ages!

Then, on Friday I will get to take a fun class from Linda & Opie O'Brien
Tin'Tastic 2
you can bet I will have my eyes peeled for cool tins and cans to use.. check out the cute kitty on this piece!!

Finally, on Saturday I am taking Pam's class!!
She is teaching What Lies Inside
I had a difficult time deciding what to sign up for on Saturday. I was really torn between Pam, who I have taken a class from before and Anahata Katkin. I ultimately chose Pam because not only do I know she is a great teacher but her classes are so laid back, while being fun and informative at the same time. They feel good and there is much sharing with NO pressure.. perfect for finishing up three intensive days of classes and late nights laughing and making art.

Now on to the task of gathering supplies and making lists and figuring out what to make for trades!! I know its nearly 6 months away but time flies when you have things to pack!! I am so excited to meet my blogging friends in person and have some artsy fun!


  1. OH BOY!!! You have to come visit me AFTER you go to ArtFiberFest!! MAN that tin bracelet looks too neat!! I saw some Tin's at Joann's yesterday that were kinda cute, I'll go back soon and pick them up for ya ;) I'll be on the watch out for you for tins too!!

  2. *sigh* still waiting....

    You will love Linda & Opie-they are great!

  3. I want my registration!!!!!

  4. I am so happy for you that you are going to Artfest!! and what a bonus to get the classes you want to take!!! I bet you are doing a happy jig over there today!!! Yipee!

  5. yay!! i'm so happy for you! :) xo

    and yay, it's almost friday!!!!

  6. i am right there with you sister,
    my classes are nina bagley, linda kazmer and nina bagley again..i cannot stand the anticipation!

  7. HEY! I'll see u in her class!!!!

  8. We'll be in the O'Briens class together!