26 August 2006

WIP and One Cool Cat

Today, in addition to some much needed clean up (porch) I snuck some time in, in the studio while the wee one napped. I decided to get out the ta gel and revisit the techniques I learned from DJ Pettitt at AFF. This fusing technique is very cool and my ideas for applications of the finished fused pieces are seemingly endless. In our class, DJ provided each of us with a fused base to work on so this was my first shot working from scratch. I did some small pieces on watercolor paper and used one of Carla Sonheim's transfers as a centerpiece.
Then I did a piece on painted canvas paper. To this I added some fabric pieces, glass glitter and gold thread. Sparkly!! This is slated to be a journal cover.

Finally I went for the au natural look and fused some tissue and dyed paper towel onto unpainted canvas paper. I am not sure what this last piece will be. (probably multiple pieces) It is just the base so I will be adding more paper, fabric, sparkle to it.

I also spent this evening laying out and pinning some fabric to attempt some "random sewing" a la Alma Stoller and Deb Cooper. I can't wait to start the actual sewing part!!

Now, to leave you off with this CUTE shot of our kitty, Zoe staged by the wee one this morning. We are blessed to have some very patient pets :)


  1. Can't believe the cat is actually sleeping! Your work is so full of lovely colours.

  2. Those papers are awesome, cool colors! And I use to do stuff like that to my former cats, sometimes my little dog now lol.

  3. Tar gel is the best! So glad I took DJ's class at AFF. So much fun. They look great.