17 August 2006

Thrift Thursday

I actually got these cool curtains a couple of weeks ago but I saved them to share on a Thrift Thursday. I LOVE the fabric and seem to have a thing for old curtains. I don't have any plans for these, they are intact with no holes but won't fit any of my myriad windows in this house. Some have small spots and fades so I am thinking they are going to be cutters so I can use the cute fabric in projects. I really want to make a craft apron or two a la Sharon Wisely or the darling aprons Pam had at AFF which I don't have any pictures of. :(

In other news.. ALL of Portals 2 have been mailed. EVERY.LAST.ONE! Joleen and I are busy on issue 3 but we need ART for the gallery. The guidelines are available on our website. Also, we are very excited that the lovely Hope of PaperRelics, has offered to assist us in our website redesign and some graphics work. Watch for a special surprise from Hope in issue #3!!!


  1. Heather,wanted to let you know that I created a new blog about art come visit it http://inthemoodforarte.wordpress.com thanks

  2. LOVE those curtains. I always love everything here....

    youknow...Martha had a great article in an issue a couple back about taking these old prints and bleaching them out and then overdying. So kool !

    I tried it and it was really fun and if you are going for cutters with this...I was just thinking some experi mentation might be on the table then ?

    I mean I dont have to say PINK RIT DYE do I ??

    So listen, the peeps keep asking me about Spirit Sticks / Magic Wands since my Portals post.... I don;'t really know what to say - cuz I aint sure either.

  3. Laurie G. (morningk)8/19/06, 12:26 AM

    FABulous curtain fabric xoxo!

  4. These curtains are beautiful. I have a hard time finding good vintage curtains. I find bedding but struggle on curtains. What a lucky find.