20 July 2006


OK, I suck.. I didn't get my own heart image today so I am falling back on a heartsy Flickr mosaic.
hearts- Shape Week
I am happy to report that Zines are actually going out in the mail!! Man, this one has been a long and bumpy road. I hope everyone enjoys them!

In other news, I am taking the day off to go to the beach tomorrow with the wee one and our friends. Its been HOT as heck here so I am hoping for a little relief from the scorching heat and lots of fun. I have some custom orders to fill for the Etsy shop and then I will be working on some new items.. quite possibly some bunny buttons..?? and I have some ideas for some other little treasures too. Keep tuned in.


  1. yay!!! Congratulations !

    Look forward to it and will think of all of your hard work when I am enjoying it.

    Thank you for not giving up !

  2. Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by :) I actually "know" who you are through Joleen too. I've had my eye on those pretty bird buttoms you make! Well I'll be stopping by here so see ya later :)