11 June 2006

Portals & more

Portals volume 2

Volume 2.. its almost done.. its fabulous and its half sold out! Visit our website to order before its gone.

In other news.. check out my CUTE, new, little, wee sewing machine!
Janome Mini!
I got it on recommendation from Pam Garrison for my classes at AFF. I am sure it will be much easier to travel with weighing in at only 5 lbs! I just ordered one for Joleen too!
Along with a new tiny machine I figured I HAD to get some new fabric too, right? Aren't these colors fun?!
Fuuun Fabric
Some of the pieces are for the little brown and aqua swap we are doing here.

Lessee, what else? I know there has been a lot to share but I have been so focused on finishing up Portals and the tag book before I leave that I have had my nose buried in those projects. I expect to be mailing the tag books this week and will be sure to post some pix.

Oh! Look, I spent a couple of days working on this mosaic planter/bench in my Mom's yard. It was so fun smashing up all the tiles. I used to teach mosaic (pique assiette) classes but hadn't done it in a while. Grouting comes next but the weather hasn't been very cooperative. I now have plans to finish my bird bath.. finally!

Thanks to everyone who has been asking after the wee B. She is doing ok but has some pain sometimes which leads to grouchiness for her and then Mommy. Overall we think she is doing well and are noticing a little bump on her shoulder where the doctor said calcium will build up as she heals.

I think I need some ice cream. New art coming soon!


  1. Love love love the mosiac! It reminds me of work I have seen when I lived in Barcelona by Gaudi.

    THe new machine is adorable!! It will be much nicer bringing a smaller one than hauling a regular sized beast. I might have to forsake my old faithful and get something smaller soon! (Shh! Don't tell oldie!)

  2. WOW!! I love that mosiac planter!! Heather! It is just beautiful!!
    The little sewing machine is to die for too!! You're going to have SOME FUN!

  3. In a couple of weeks or months can you let us know how that machine works for you??? I am thinking of getting one....cause of the Lesley Riley class I am taking and I might take a beginning quilt class and I would like to do some sewing on cards and paper........thanks!