13 June 2006

{Grey} and Etsy


I'm a teensy bit early posting my entry for Wednesday's Color Week. The color today is grey and since I hardly use grey in my art I made a small mosaic from Flickr of wonderful grey images. Actually, now that I said that I remember a piece I did in my friend Tam's grey book:

Today we also put Portals #2 to bed! What a relief that is. The address labels are all printed and ready and now I have to go print the zines and start binding. (ugh) So, they will be coming soon! Its really a beautiful issue.

Affection paper ornament

I also did a small update to my Etsy shop. I have some more items to add but I am thinking they might have to wait until after AFF as I have to shoot some new pictures.

1 comment:

  1. ohhh that's right

    you are going to AFF

    ...and I am not....


    next year !!!