08 June 2006

brown + aqua

Argh, is it just me or is Blogger being a complete pain in the A$$? Its taken me so long to get the damn thing to post...
Aqua & Brown

Isn't this combination of colors pretty together? Its one of my favs. It is also June's theme for the coloriffic swaporama thru Flickr which I neglected to sign up for due to all the craziness going on here. I was kinda bummed! Well, yesterday morning I was chatting with Lora and she mentioned she was bummed that she had missed it too. (by ONE day!) So we decided to have our own little swap and we both have already been out looking for pretty brown and aqua things to send to each other. I got to thinking today that maybe other blog readers mught want to play too, so if you are interested, drop me a line and let me know. CLOSED. We decided the due date would be to mail by July 7 and the only theme is aqua & brown.

PS If you click on the image it will take you to Flickr where you can view each image larger with their photo credits.


  1. Are all the photos taken by you? I don't think I understand...help!

  2. Can I play too? I just love those two colors!!

  3. i would like to join you guys if i may!!!

  4. I would love to play as well, if you've got the room!

    Gnome G

    bmi(underscore)gduong (at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. I had fun with this .

    Someone sent it to me and then I passed it on to someone else.

    Thank you ! fun fun.


  6. oh heck ! i got my comments on teh wrong page...I was commenting on the Wikkipedia game being fun..

    Now as I read this swap - I want to do it too !

    Am I too late to get in ?

  7. Those two colors are really nice...I really loves to join you guys...of you allow me....

  8. I LOVE the pictures/color combination. I don't know if the pix are yours or what. but is that picture "collage" available for sale? I'd love to have it just the way it's posted!!