25 May 2006


Ever since I signed up to attend Art FIBER Fest and read about the mad trading everyone does during the meet & greet sessions and throughout the Fest, I have been racking my brain for ideas on what to take that I could mass produce without losing my mind to the boredom that usually occurs if I have to make more than 4 of the same thing. I have made several sets of my birdie buttons and will make more of those but I wanted something that actually included more FABRIC. When I saw these perky little tags that Alicia made it got the hamster in my brain running and today I made these:
AFF Tags
(click to make bigger)
and here are a few close ups.
AFF Tag- Blue AFF Tag- Lime
AFF Tag- Violet

In other news, I am signed up for the June Coloriffic Swap on Flickr. Unfortunately the color theme this month is Black & White and you can pick one other to accent. Its HARD to find black and white stuff in spring! So, today I headed to my friendly, neighborhood quilting store (about the closest I get to an art store where I live) and picked up this yummy stash of black and white fabric. Now, just to figure out what to make!
Black & White Fabric Stash


  1. oh I love the B&W fabric... Ever since I've seen that fabric Joleen got that was B&W with letters I wanted some!!!! I'm going shopping dang it!! LOL
    The tags are great Heather!! They'll be wonderful swaps!

  2. The art tags are cool and I am with you on the whole repetitive boredom. I can't do it either!

  3. Those trading tags you made are just totally great!!!!!

  4. Now you're making more bummed than ever that I won't get to attend AFF! Those tags are so pretty, and the buttons are a great idea. Did you use some of your hand-dyed tags for the base?

    OK - Now Word Verification on Blogger is getting lazy. My word is glovz. I don't even have to stretch to figure out that THAT says!

  5. Oh my!!! The colours are so fun and bright and beautiful! I love them - and they will be great for trades.
    Black and white is harder for me. I hope you have fun with it!!
    Cheers, Denise

  6. Heather,

    I don't think my paypal went through on the ornament!!! Can you tell me how much I owe you? I can send you a check this week with something else I want to send you. I was trying to buy some of Hannah's buttons, but could not figure out how to order two things and that is why I was having trouble settling up. I am writing to you on your blog cause I can't find your e-mail address. (I am a mess aren't I?) THANKS! Love, laura