07 April 2006


Ok its officially Friday. I waited up to post ORANGE before I turn in.

Even though I officially FOUND my camera cord today ( hooray!) I am going to finish out Color week with mosaics because they are so much fun to do. I particularly enjoyed working with orange because not only does the color make me happy but I found lots of pictures of orange kitties, which personally, I think are the best. (shhhhh, don't tell my greys) I do not currently have any marmalades in my life but when the time comes to adopt another kitty I will definitely be on the look out for a little ginger cat.



  1. Hey, Missy! Your orange came out wonderfully. It was fun yakking with you while you created it, and then coming to your blog to see just what you created. It's nice and sunny and warm too. I hear you about the orange kitties...I want one sooo badly!

  2. oh I like the Orange picture with the Green door!!!