28 February 2006

poor l'il pea

Not much going on around here except for a bad case of cabin fever on my part. I have been cooped up with the l'il pea for over a week now. I had called the doctor a couple of times and decided to take her in to the clinic yesterday. He said she has bronchitis and conjunctivitis. He prescribed a round of antibiotics and drops for her little eyes. She can't go to daycare or any of her activities until Thursday which is the day she and I are leving for LA to visit Joleen, play and assemble the Zine.

The Zine has happily been printing away for close to 2 days now. I am running low on magenta ink (this is a pinky heavy issue) Pre-orders are dying off a bit but we have already sold a quarter of what we will print! They looks so great and they aren't even bound yet!

I have been getting more art done and am happy to report that I am not only working in BLUE now. I did an India inspired spread in Kara's journal and did 9 "Bohemian" tags for a swap. Here are a couple of them. I might assemble a small booklet out of some of them and send them to Somerset Studio for their "bohemian" call.


I guess that is about all for now. I think I am going to run out to the Dollar Tree while the weather is nice for a few minutes. We have another big storm on the way and already lost 2 panels from the gazebo roof.

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  1. Love the artwork!! Sorry your bad tattooed girl is so sick!! Hopefully the meds will work quickly. I want that zine! Who do I paypal?!?