09 February 2006


Its been brought to my attention that is has been WAY too long since I last blogged. Lots of things have been going on but I haven't felt in the mood to write. I guess all that had better change as we are deep in production on our first issue of PORTALS zine and I have ALOT to do.

So eeeew, I had to go to the dentist today. I was scheduled for my regular 6 month cleaning but also I have been having some problems with my crown from last year. My dentist is skiing in Tahoe but my hygenist did the xrays and poking around. She says it LOOKS ok but she thinks my discomfort is from ann exposed nerve. Sooooo, I have to go back to see the actual doc on Tuesday and I am praying he doesn't tell me I need a root canal or anything nasty like that.

In NON eeeew news, I spent this past weekend at my friend Linda's for our 4th Annual SuperBEAD Sunday. It was so great to A. have a little time off from being Mommy and B. spent time with Linda and the other beady gals. I got 2 of the 3 round robin dolls done that I needed to finish. I still need to write a little something in their journals (yeah, that writing thing again) but they are sooo close to being sent off.

I have soo much on my TO DO list now. I have to pack up all my little boxes of goodlies to travel to Gifty and the Flickr Coloriffic Swaporama. Both have Valentiney or pink/ red themes so I am sure to be delighted with whatever alights in my mailbox.

Back to the salt mines....

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