06 January 2006

random ramblings...

This new year isn't off to the smoothest of starts. I thought we got a fresh, clean start at the beginning of the year? No? How come no one memo'd me? Without getting into too much detail.. more health worries on the home front and soem tension in the work place. I just want to run away to some place sunny and tropical for a week and not think. Margarita anyone?

OK, so on to other topics? How about this CUTE picture of my kitty Zoe I took the other day?

Sometimes you just need a little kitty burrito.
Here is a cute picture I got of Hannah on the same day too.

and let's see, as long as I am rambling, let me introduce my first Blythe doll ( yes, its all Joleen's fault!) This is Sandrine. Hannah was immediately taken with her and her changing color eyes...

IMG_2175 IMG_2176
but, Sandrine wasn't that taken with a 2 year old and took to hiding out in the bookcase.

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