08 December 2005

In which it begins to feel a little like Christmas...

Its been a rough start to the holiday season. Its been so warm an sunny that it has been hard to get into the holiday spirit. Then add to that losing my poor doggie yesterday and its been sad and dreary. Today I perked myself up though and met some friends for lunch after some drugery chores, and then did a little holiday shopping for me and friends. I managed to tick 5 or 6 gifts off my list today, yay!!

When I got home I worked on my address list for holiday cards while Hannah watched Christmas vidoes and I cooked dinner, and this evening I began assembling my holiday cards. I'd give ya a sneak peek of the cute cover Joleen made for me, but then it wouldn't be a holiday surprise!

We have plans to go get our Christmas tree on Saturday so we can spend Sunday decorating and getting the house ready for invasion on Christmas Eve. We may have to move a little furniture with the crowd we are expecting.

In some good and exciting news, I got word from Somerset Studio that they will be publishing this collage in an upcoming issue!! yay!

Winter Whites

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  1. i'm glad you were able to check things off.. hope today is just as productive the the peanut isn't a pill! ;) know what you mean about the warm weather.. it only rained one night here and i didn't even get to enjoy it. boo. hope to decorate some this weekend too.. and wrap gifts!