08 October 2005

In which I find Burger King scary...

Is it just me or are the new ads for Burger King downright creepy? Here is this bizarre plastic "King" guy lurking around the woods and outside your bedroom window like a perverted peeping Tom and that is supposed to make me hungry for flame broiled burgers and ginormic breakfast sandwiches?
Its enough to give me nightmares.. and if that weren't enough.. apparently the people over at BK think their advertising agency is brilliant and everyone willwant to wear one for Halloween... http://www.bkmasks.com/


  1. EEEEEE! I hate BK commercials.. scary!

  2. Sheesh! No kidding!

    If I were out in the woods and that thing popped out behind a tree with a "meat'normous" sandwich (which in and of itself is entirely too revolting for words), I would simply have a heart attack! Heck, I'd probably scream so loud, the Booger King's plastic hair would stand on end!