30 September 2005

in which I take a dare to photograph my studio ( ack)

So yesterday I was chatting with Joleen and complaining about how I could FIND anything in this pit of a studio. She bet me that her studio was worse than mine because she physically had to hop from place to place. I couldn't beleive that anyone's studio could be worse than mine [was] ( because I cleaned it up s ome after the photos.)

So we challenged each other to take pix of our studios and share them.

Well, here I am, taking a deep breath, and sharing my pix. I sat in my swivel chair and took pix all the way around my office/ studio.
studio 011
Here is my NEW LASER PRINTER!! Where the HannahGrey collage sheets are born!! and to the right of it th edge of my art desk.

studio 002
This is my computer/ work desk. I have 2 computers.. one of each flavor Mac and PC.. that is Joleen on the screen.

studio 003
This started out as a great way to organize alot of my stuff. But then I started a business and now its a mess. You can see part of my yarn stash though!
studio 004
Here is my business organizer a la "The Apprentice", its the "Desk Apprentice" and it rocks!! Important business stuff fiyts in there. That bin below is all HannahGrey stuff that needed to be put away ( now it is!)
studio 005
And here we have a glimpse into my ugly kitchen behind 2 bins of scrapping and art stuff. The big brown bag is yarn ( also now put away)
studio 006
Here is my nifty rolling cart from Costco. The drawers are a great size to hold art supplies. Half of it is hudden behidn bins of HannahGrey merchanides that I need to process.
I love sharpies!
Did I mention that I LOVE sharpies??
studio 008
This is a tower shelf thingie I salvaged from the garage under the delusion that it had PLENTY of room to organize me. Ha!! On it are various supplies and some art from friends.
studio 009 studio 010
How does anyone work here??

So I just checked Joleen's blog and she hasn't posted her Studio of Doom pix yet. Let's go bug her til she does...


  1. hehehe! I went home and my battery was dead so now it's all charged up! When I go this afternoon, I'll take lots of photos and post them. :)

  2. This is wonderful! Check out the new flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/artstudio/

    I love it when we can visit and get a glimpse of other art spaces :)

  3. Hey - is that Fred reclining on your desk in the midst of the chaos? I'm wondering if he helped make some of that disarray! Maybe you can make him help organize stuff...

  4. Wow. I'm never going to complain about the state of my computer room ever again