08 July 2005


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stuff 033,
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Mike, who lives in Indiana and I planted sunflowers about the same time which was in May right around Mother's day. He proposed a race in which we see who can kill theirs off first. Well, I am here to tell ya that I think I am LOSING.. check these beauties out:

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So I, as usual, waited til the LAST possible moment to complete the animal book to send off to Cloth Paper Scissors for its photo shoot. The article went out on Wednesday at about midnight but I sat around waiting for divine inspiration to strike on the old book covers. It never did. This morning my Mom came over to watch Lilo Heena so I could finish and make the UPS truck on time. Of course I ran into all sorts of problems due to too fat embellishments but I finally got it all done. It was FAT!! I had to take apart another book I had received in order to coil and bind it as I did not have big enough ones on hand. Anyway, this is all meant to tease you mercilously because I did not take any pictures of the finished book of cover. You will all have to go out and buy the magazine in October to see it. So sorry...

In other art news.. the last of the wedding book pages are coming in. We did one extra book to submit to Somerset Studio for their upcoming weddings book. The first book was cool so I am sure this second volume will be too. Here is my page for this book, but the cover remains secret...

and I guess I will let you all sneak peek the Skinny Chubby cover as its not getting submitted to anything. I really had fun with my Teesha Moore collage sheets for these pages...

More fun pix coming soon...

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