03 July 2005

busy bee

I know I haven't posted in several days. I hate people like me! LOL. Its been so very hectic the last couple of weeks because of the "special project" I have been hinting about. Shosh and I started our own business! You can visit our website here: www.hannahgrey.com. While we did open on deadline, we still have so much stuff to post! Ack, this was supposed to be an easy stay at home Mom business. Hopefully things will calm down soon.

I do have a bunch of new pictures in my camera, so I will work on downloading those soon. So be sure to check back!

In the mean time, here is some new art....

SkinnyChubbyCover SkinnyChubbyFrontsm

These are the cover and my page for the Skinny Chubby people Book....

1 comment:

  1. I was never that good at making collages myself. The only one that turned out halfway well was my mini-sideboard with a wine-label collage as the countertop surface. The store looks really interesting though.