03 June 2005


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Hannah loves corn!!


I am so jazzed I finally got my Colorful Inspiration book back. It was hosted by Tracy Roos and it is sooo CHUBBY. It is the first chubby book I ever did and while I do not have any pix of the finished book, here is the piece I did for it. It was the first page!

Now that I have done like 12 other books I think I would have done things differently but considering that it was my first piece for a book I am still pretty pleased with it.

In other news... here are some fun pix of Hannah's emerging fashion tatse...

There doesn't seem to be much to write. Its summer here, practically overnight from rainy and wet to hot and a bit humid.

Greg and I went to see Star Wars III on Memorial Day while Hannah played at Gramma's. Greg is still bitching about it. I have to say, the action and story were good but the acting sucked! Hayden Christianson cannot act his way out of a paper bag unless you call some constipated look on is face acting. Could there be any less chemistry between 2 people? He made Natalie Portman look bad. Thank god Ewan McGregor was in it! Ok, I'm done ranting.. go see it just so you can see all the movies but go to a matinee and pay half price.


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  1. That last picture is about the cutest thing I have ever seen! I was going to say something about Star Wars, but I completely forgot what it was when I saw it.

    Hey, thanks for offering to adopt a Haremail orphan! I may just take you up on it, depending on how many we need.